american patriot

american patriot

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    Pretty much. (Bible Belt)


    my room


    100 fps in what? Doom?


    Yeh, and all liberal are tree hugging, pot smoking, bible burning, dick sucking, welfare grabbing, america hatting, hippies.

    Generalization apply both way.


    why you mad, though?


    why you anon, though?


    You say “dick sucking” like it was a bad thing.


    Pretty much. Only they should replace the computer with a TV showing Fox News, and hang some crosses around the house.

    Ieuan Care

    I like the scale of poster running left to right, becoming gradually more sinister/geometrically inclined.


    i know, i noticed that too.. awesome!


    Level 85 Resto Tauren Shaman. I know the type.


    Step out of the fire, tank! What are you, a dimmi-crat?


    Racist picture is racist. What’s next a Muslim stereotype? A Black stereotype? A Jew stereotype? A Gay stereotype? Fucking racist bullshit.


    Muslims, blacks and jews are themselves to blame for being stereotypical. But what does a gay stereotype look like? Someone that takes a cock up their ass? Gosh, they must be appalled right now. And more importantly, since when did rednecks and gays become a distinct race that you’re calling the whole thing racist?


    Muslims aren’t a race either (they are people who choose to believe a religion invented by a pedophile), but if anyone who points out their faults they are called racist.

    So, you have never seen a gay stereotypical? Here’s an example of gays being themselves in San Fran.


    That gay thing is pretty sick to my eyes. But as long as they don’t start doing it in public or in front of me, I couldn’t care less.

    And on an unrelated note, I’m probably a racist (and not ashamed to admit that) because I think that in most cases, non-religious east asians and white europeans are superior to other people.


    This San Fran faire was in public.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Goodbye lemonparty as my go to troll/rickroll url of choice.

    Hello disgusting faggots being themselves. You have just damned dozens
    if not hundreds of people to eye bleach.

    btw if you click that link: will help afterwards.


    Just too many like this guy, not to say that all Yanks are like him.
    That clear enough ?


    To many arrogant French too, also to many Muslim suicide bombers and to many Chinese, why not do a comic about them?


    Aww…are you feewing left out?


    Kind of a sick generalization… To say that all patriotic Americans are morbidly obese, historically ignorant, neo-Nazi, gun nuts is more than a little offensive to the other 300+ million of us. I mean obviously these people do exist (please see as evidence), but c’mon… give the rest a little credit.

    kingdavid is great, but check out this video of hostages taken at a Walmart.,20362/

    Niggers are stupid and lazy. They belong in cages.
    Mexicans are really stupid and really lazy. They belong in Mexico where it sucks. Chinks are stupid and morally bankrupt. Their country is held together by the blood of their own children.
    Muslims are cavemen with an average IQ of 80. Their religion is a joke and the entire middle east deserves to be wiped out and have its resources harvested.

    Out of all the stupid ass stereotypes presented I’d rather be the redneck. Suck it.


    Damn, Magnus is back on the crack again.


    Too all of the America haters and the obvious liberal sh*t bag who made this ask yourself these burning questions: What country beat back the Nazi’s? I’ll give you a hint: It wasn’t france. What country has the only armed population where the weapons are not all owned or controlled by the government? What country has freedom of speech? (Where garbage like this, and homosexuals are allowed) What country has freedom of religion and is not controlled by the state? What country has never been conquered by a foreign nation? What country has a population where the poorest people have… Read more »


    LOL 1. What country beat back the nazis? Soviets did the most, even if it hurts me to admit that. 2. You speak of the entire population being armed as if that’s a good thing. It doesn’t exactly seem to cut down your enormous crime rate. Can’t think of anything else it’d be good for. 3. We have freedom of speech in most 1st world countries. America isn’t the world. But how would you know? Fox News never tells you. 4. Can’t think of any country where freedom of religion actually functions. Definitely not America, considering creationists are allowed to… Read more »


    I have family in Mississippi and i say this it unrealistic. A true reduck would wave alot more beer and wouldn’t toutch that bottled water. Stupid yanks and their hurtfull stereotypes.


    Oh shit, sorry about the spelling. like i said there alot of beer in the south. …lol redduck


    This is fucking retarded. There’s no cross. Also white trash keep their guns better organized.