The Story of the Kissing Couple (6 pics)

taken by photographer Richard Lam as violence erupted following the Canucks’ 4-0 defeat by the Boston Bruins. The couple have been identified, as Australian Scott Jones and his Canadian girlfriend Alex Thomas. Scott has been in the country for six months, working as a bar tender while he tries to make it as a stand-up comedian. Alex is a student at the University of Guelph in Ontario and the couple have not been dating long. They were between the riot police and the rioters, and the riot police were charging forward, and Alex got knocked by a police shield and fell to the ground. Scott was comforting her and gave her a kiss to say, ‘It’s going to be OK,’ and the photographer just took the shot at that moment. Alex is now recovering from the bruised leg she suffered as she fell to the ground.

via The Story of the Kissing Couple.

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    canadians are still sour losers

    Canada is fucking embarrassing right now. Between that shit and the current Bollywood festival everyone is doing their best to ignore the whole country seems to be on a massive social decline. Every week somebody finds a new way to make us all look like assholes.


    If only someone on MCS could improve that country’s reputation.

    invade and kill some americans, you’ll be the heroes of the world.


    It worked well enough in 1812.


    Oh! Historical Burn!
    (‘cuz they torched the White House)


    He was still trying to fuck her. Canadians are huge rapists.


    The chick’s Canadian. The guy is a fellow Aussie. (At least according to the caption)


    Aussie guys are compassionate as fuck


    It was way more interesting when the explanation wasn’t fully out, it made them seem more daring and LULZy.

    But fuck those people, seriously.


    Can someone explain why this picture is so controversial and horrible?


    I thought they were bigging it up as romantic; some sort of “love thriving amongst chaos” idealism. Though, in truth, they just got run down by riot cops. No time to give a shit who you’re mulling over in a rot.


    Yea. Who says it’s supposed to be horrible? I think the photographer thinks he has another famous photo like this one. Unfortunately, he’s mistaken.

    Luke Magnifico

    Two things I keep hearing about on shitty Canadian news, this and the Weiner man, I care about neither of them.

    Seriously, until I got here I never would have believed how literally no international news gets aired here unless you deliberately go out looking for it, I’m so sorry for you guys.


    Thank you for your pity.


    Rioters should be shot, destruction of private property is unacceptable for any reason. If you broke the windows of my home you would get a 12 gauge round to the center mass, and the State Police would never even wonder why. Why should people in cities have any fewer rights?


    Because universal rights extend to both the criminal and the victim. Also, the penalty for property damage has not yet been risen to the level capital execution, so why don’t you calm the fuck down. Rioters get arrested, charged, and usually bailed out with lengthy probations (and their lives are shittier for having this kind of crap on their record). Also, downtown property is usually insured, because of crap like this. If you want to bitch about wanton property damage the police aren’t doing enough about, read up on Penn State’s besieged residents. Kids regularly pissing/shitting in their yards or… Read more »


    cy85; you are not going to get an argument from me about the ass hats that abuse the liberal attitudes in State College. Again, if someone broke into my house, apartment, car; intoxicated or not, they would likely have possible lethal force used against them in a controlled manor, such as a controlled pair to center mass. As supposed by the Penna. House and Senate and sitting on the Governor’s desk, which he as said he would sign. Additionally, insurance costs money; this kind of thing raises the cost of insurance, which raises the costs of goods and services,… Read more »


    breaking into your home through a window with a weapon I can start to enter a debate into lethal force, but a rock through the window by an idiot? hmm, nah, I’ll go with the murder sentence.