7 cents

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    What I see here is a guy who purposely shorted his rent (which is typically a nice easy number like $800, so he probably filled out the original check for 799.93) so that he could be a mild douche. Oh wow 7 checks, I am sure the Assistant community manager is lamenting the day he enforced the fact that we all have to pay what we owe.


    have you ever lived in an apartment? I was once fined $14 because there were 14 cigarette butts on the ground near my patio…I don’t smoke.
    yes rent is usually a nice even number…unless its been pro-rated….
    whatever the reason for this, I think it’s a safe bet that the apartment management is the asshole here…
    should have sent 1 check for 8cents, then never cash the 1cent refund check they would send..


    pro junior your situation seems unfair but this situation is just a poorly executed troll. He is being a dick because is being asked to pay everything he owes, you on the otherhand were ordered to pay for something that was not yours. My strata was upset that there was some oil under my car, I got a letter telling me to clean it in 30 days or they would take me to court so I dont see this particular letter as rude in any way. I would have got a good chuckle out of this if it was a… Read more »




    I don’t know about any of this stuff, but I’m drinking an incredible 2 fingers of single malt scotch whiskey on the rocks right now and it is dee lish ous.

    Mike S

    I agree with the first post. they cant pay the correct amount the first time, so they decide to be a douche.

    And then an even bigger douche by posting the picture as if to say “I sure showed them!”

    On the contrary, all they accomplished was proving that they can’t do something right the first time.