Shot Glass Checkers Set – Full Sized

In shot glass checkers the only thing you need to know is get jumped you drink, get crowned – drink twice, and no matter who wins you’re bound to have a great time! A great game for parties, this shot glass checkers set includes a 14″ x 14″ glass checker board with rubber feet, and 13 clear and 13 frosted full-sized 1oz shot glasses. In this sport tag teams are recommended, and always remember to drink responsibly. Gift boxed.

oh this looks like a dangerous game.
via Shot Glass Checkers Set – Full Sized.

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    Dangerous, but oh so much fun. So need to learn Chess.

    Luke Magnifico

    You don’t know how to play chess?


    i know this from 6 months ago


    Not to play checkers you don’t.


    Checkers I do know. King me.


    This is both the worst and best idea ever.


    you call this a drinking game? what a whuss! where i live our object of a drinking game is too reward ourselves with alcohol not punish ourselves with it.


    Where I live we don’t need childish excuses to drink. We man up and just drink!


    He is Irish. That’s what they do. Drink.

    Luke Magnifico

    I dunno man, we’ve got this one brilliant game we play, at any stage during the night you look at someone and shout “HEY, ! WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING!”, and then they shout “!”, and then everyone cheers and drinks.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve explained this game before but it really does warrant a second explanation.


    My fiancée & I played shotglass chess with vodka. There were no survivors.


    I gotta be black cause I don’t do vodka. Balvenie single malt, doublewood, 12 year scotch whiskey please.


    You know for sure that Im going to loose!


    I know for sure that you can’t spell


    Hi I’m 16 years old,
    I got drunk on Saturday (for the first time) and I have to say: it was pretty cool, the best part was that I didn’t throw up… I didn’t even get a hangover.

    I managed to stomach 12 shots of vodka, is that good (for my first time)? I probably could have drunk more but then we ran out.


    I have this game somewhere. Not that I’d ever use it again. Ugh.


    Tried few times, never finished AFAIR.