WTF is it

I just moved to OZ and spotted this lil fella running about anyone no what it is

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    It’s a centipede.


    Welcome to Australia!

    Not sure what it is but chances are its deadly poisonous, have fun!

    Ian Brooks

    House Centipede. They’re actually good to have in your home because they hunt the fuck out of other bugs, but they’re scary as shit when they go darting around the floor late at night.


    Its a type of centipede, however this little fella aint dangerous, just damn creepy lookin. wouldnt be worried about it. still wouldn’t want it walking on me though. only dangerous centipedes are the orange ones. they aint deadly, but will make you very sick.


    Those are the kind of bug that climbs into your ear at night, burrows in and lays eggs in your brain. Sleep tight.

    Your mum

    all these people tell lies.. Its an arachnid. A quite poisonous one in fact. I know it may not look like a spider but it is. Run for your dear life cause after insect consumption these little suckers double in size. Be wary


    Funny, last time I checked, arachnids only had 8 legs, not 28+ legs.


    house centipede, google it…great lil creature to have in your house

    Totemo Benri

    I, for one, welcome our friendly insectoid underlords


    stretch your peehole and let it enter


    One day I was climbing a tree. I felt an itch on my neck and it was this guy walking around my neck. I was unbelievably calm. But after I got down, I freaked out so bad I walked around aimlessly for a day.


    Your weirded out now, wait til you see a sandgroper.

    Misfit Punk84

    house centipede… they eat anything that they can overpower. wich in rare cases includes bees and spiders… harmless to humans… and are on eof the few species of bugs that cares for their young after they hatch… had an and problem a while back and gathered a bunch of these little dudes up from a friends basement and set em loose in mine… two weeks l8er… no more ants


    Its a Kangaroo dumbass can you see
    From Gav in Syd

    adrian wallace

    you just moved here and thats what your worried about ???

    Don’t mess with them, they sting!


    House centipede… freaky as hell… exist all over the world. Get’m here in Canada and it freaks me out every time I see them. Don’t seem to be able to climb out of smooth surfaces like bath tubs and kitchen sinks.


    Where on earth did you live before that you’ve never seen one of these?

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