why no american?

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    maybe it’s an american’s trip-around-the-world to-do-list ?


    They’re ALL American – plus a few more


    There was also an African American entry. I think that qualifies as American.


    There is no such this as a single iconic “American” face. This nation is too diverse to do that. All these people shown are from countries or regions that are mostly monoethnic.


    All these images are also derived from an average… look at the images close.. they are a morphed composite of many women faces. But they are all fairly similar to start with. Could you imagine a composite of a cross section of American society? From the most fair to the most dark skinned with the same range in facial features? It would be really misleading as a iconic American woman.


    Israel wins.


    What have I done!


    God damn, I know a Welsh woman who looks almost identical to the one above!


    Country != race.


    Thank you. Too bad this stuff isn’t taught any more.

    General X

    My God, that Swiss girl is awesome.


    Meh. The Spaniard chick is better than her.


    I admit that the US are quite a mixture. But isn’t there an original American race? Only it was almost erased by the mass murders that founded the United States. Ah sorry you call them redskins or Indians don’t you? “All these people shown are from countries or regions that are mostly monoethnic” This is not correct. Not only the USA fashions ethnical diversity. Almost every other country in the (first) world unfies many races, depending on where the people immigrate from. Sorry for acting so smart ass, but some of you Americans really piss me off with your ignorant… Read more »


    we don’t really want to “be rulers of the world”. come hang out with us, have a beer, we’re mostly just like you.


    …mostly, but you’ve got us beat in the douche bag department with your “Sorry for acting so smart ass, but some of you Americans really piss me off with your ignorant uneducated “We be rulers of the world”-attitude…” an apology followed by calling us ignorant isn’t really an apology, it’s a BS statement based on a stereotype.


    I wouldn’t mind you being pissed about our ignorance, but look at if from our point of view. When ANYTHING wrong on this planet who is the very first people that EVERYONE cries to for help?
    The good old US of A. We will help anyone, even those that hates us and all we get in return is attitude like yours.


    What the fuck are you talking about? In WW2, USA was more than happy to sell arms to both sides. Then when you thought you were gonna get some shit your side of the atlantic (with a kick up the rear in Pearl Harbor), you decided to try and act like a fucking GI Joe and take credit. So what did we make you do? We told you to take the north west of France – some of the most heavily fortified, easily ambushable terrain in all Europe. You got slaughtered there, and only managed to win as we cut… Read more »


    What the fuck are you rambling about, moron? I’m not talking about 60 years ago, but since you brought it up learn some real history lessons and stop reading revisionist anti-american bullshit. Selling arms to both sides, wrong. We destroyed the German U-boat presence and re-built every fucking ship the Nazi sank and gave the Soviets, British and Canadians millions of tons of vehicles and supplies, the Soviet head long thrush after Stalingrad was only possible by our equipment we gave them and they weren’t at war with Japan at the time, so Germany was they only concern. The US… Read more »


    Someone needs a nap. A little jealous aren’t we?


    I miss Egypt, Libya, Syria …


    Races don’t exist. Only differently mutated human beings from living in a variety of environments from around the world.

    teezy weezy

    wow, thanks darwin.


    Well it’s true. Everything else is bullshit.


    Congrats on the correct usage of you’re.

    Everyone is equal regardless of race but man we white people sure are A LOT more attractive.

    No wonder all the rest just copy everything we do.


    Say the guy that posted the link to the Brianna Frost website.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    She’s white! She’s just the new white: Jersey orange.


    On her site: African American, Native American and German.

    That ain’t no fake suntan bro. She is one sexy black woman.


    They all have one thing in common: None of them would ever sleep with casemods.


    Except the Filipino. They’re easy, even casemod easy.


    There I am at the bottom.


    I have no idea what this is all about. I only see one race. And I see different breeds of this one race.


    yall are some stupid niggers


    No Aborigines