Neil Armstrong

after moon walk

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    homes looks high as hell


    He looks like he just took a giant shit and is stoked because he feels like a new man.


    Always had a problem with him….
    He should have been the Charles Lindbergh of the latter 20th century,
    instead he hid from the publicity and did nothing to help push us out
    into the Universe. I know he was following NASA’s ‘team’ goals, but
    here we are 40 years later with nothing to show for it and dropping back
    to having almost no manned space program at all.
    It was NOT what we needed….


    Potentially, a push towards private space exploration might be a better move. It’s terrible we aren’t setting ourselves goals like getting back to the moon and towards Mars, but there will be new things in the next 10-15 years.


    Seriously. Go back to the moon? There’s nothing there, and we have literally tons of evidence to prove it. Mars and further out for sure, but our Moon? Just open a window and actually throw cash outside. It’s easier.


    Actually, as “Moon” posited, collecting material that’s on the moon could be used as an alternative fuel source. Not that we have any feasible, cheap means of getting it back down to Earth quickly and safely.