Which one are you on here?

I’m off da chartz!!!

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    damm straight your off the chart, ya fucking retard

    ur mom

    i’m blue, but i have a gang of shiz. does that count?


    im blue dabba dee dabba die?


    I built the pyramid.


    I did not see a slice for “slave”..

    Me I’m yellow with a green tinge


    I had my money on a jew joke. Close enough.


    So, lower than high school diploma?


    The larger the slice of the pyramid, the more useful the education.

    That’s what it means, right?


    Working towards my red, but plan to go as far as yellow.

    Also, doesn’t this pyramid miss all the law and medical degrees?


    Meh. It also misses all the weird sub-specialties that nurses get, qualifiers for engineers, and things like underwriting licensure. Just change it to say, “doctoral degree.”


    A law degree is basically a green – Juris Doctor – although I really think it belongs in the yellow area. Way too many lawyers these days and damn few jobs for them. Especially ones that make enough money to pay of that mammoth law school debt.


    Red here. I got a CS degree so I could get a job trying to coerce a bunch of idiots into actually doing their jobs so I don’t get fired. Nothing I do has anything to do with what I learned in school. I probably couldn’t write a For loop anymore.

    I know this pyramid is focused on education, but we need one that shows education and employment level. Tiers would include:

    I Dropped out at 11 and I Make 75k a Year Because My Dad Owns the Company

    The Baby’s Coming Soon so I Have to Finish the Meth Lab

    The Guy Who Spends 10 Years as a Senior in a State College

    I’m 33 and Live With My Parents, so I Don’t Need to Get a Job Unless the Xbox Breaks

    That Masters in Theater Sure Looks Good on My Kinko’s Application

    Fuck Yeah, I Finally Got My Ph.D. Time To Make Those Grad Students Suffer as Much as I did

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Thats strange. You claimed you had a masters before.

    And once again you have shown how you are full of shit.






    Seriously, Mags. You should know I would demand a link proving what you said.

    Why step in shit intentionally? You’re just making yourself look worse.


    Still not done with blue. Not even halfway done. Go me!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Green. Top of the pyramid, baby.


    In what field?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Chemistry. Specifically, my dissertation was on using electron-based mass spectrometry and computer modelling to identify secondary peptide structure and rational design of synthetic modifications for sequencing.


    Good god, an actually useful dissertation? Who would’ve thought!


    Good for you, brother. Half way through my red in Chemistry. What university did you go to?


    Don’t you like getting downvoted?


    Bachelor of Arts (majored in Film), and yeah, you get shit for the rest of your days for having a Humanities degree; Jack-Of-All-Trades, etc. I’d like to one day get PhDs in Sociology and Anthropology, ‘cuz bullshitting about the human condition is pretty much my life’s work.


    One year from a dual Masters of Public Health/Masters of Public Policy.


    Yellow. But frankly, unless your in a technical or engineering field much in demand these days, a yellow or even green is not worth the student debt you’ll incur.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    If you incur debt getting a PhD, you’re seriously doing something wrong. Any reputable university will basically pay you to get a PhD through teaching and/or research.


    Should be done with yellow in Computer Science come next january. Total debt: 0. But then again, I’m from Denmark.


    haha Casemods copies me trolling him and gets trolled. What a dumbass. Working on a Bachelor’s in Anthropology. Specifically Archaeology. Already contemplating a Masters. But will probably be over school after I get my Bachelor’s.


    But a Masters/PHD in Archaeology is where the money is at. What little there is. Fun dirty work.


    Blue. as of 21 days ago.




    Red, think about going back to get my green, but I can’t think of a field I’d enjoy that would also make money.


    Cert IV Professional Writing & Editing
    Continuing Arts/Science double degree (Majors = English/Physiology & Minors = Psychology/Genetics)
    Heading for PhD in developmental physiology


    Too bad higher education != higher payed\better job, or any job…


    Doctorate in computer science (from a Big 10 Research 1 university).

    Yeah, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
    Yeah, it was worth it.
    Yeah, I would do it again if I had to.


    Think about it from an employer’s perspective. The certification/degree/whatever guarantees a certain minimum level of knowledge without too much hassle. That means they can hire someone and be a little more certain that their new employee isn’t some brainless idiot who bullshitted through an interview.

    Also, DO you want to be operated on by a doctor with no education? Do you want to be represented by a guy who’s only knowledge of the law comes from Matlock reruns. Do you want to drive on a bridge that was designed by a person with no higher eduction?


    Degree is just a piece of paper. It tells you almost nothing, and often can be misleading, even within one university. It only makes you feel better, give something to brag about, and give employers one more “Required” field. That’s why most of so called people of success, often got only standard education, or do something very different that they’ve been studying.
    There’s knowledge, and there’s using that knowledge.


    Your gross generalization is a gross generalization.


    Not where I’m living.






    I only have a HS diploma and I made $130K last year (this year looks that same). Suck it PHDers!


    doing what, trolling? fucking kids


    No, dumb-ass. I’m an electrical power plant operator. Here they don’t give a shit about some stupid liberal arts degree or how much money your parents paid to get you into college. Here they have they own aptitude test and in-house curriculum. It’s not about how many letters you have after your name, only how well you do in the real world.

    Also, are you aware there is a “shift” key on your keyboard so that capital letters can be used when called for? Also, there are little things called periods, maybe you should go back to school and learn them.


    i’m JD but apparently it doesn’t count

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