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    adrian wallace

    they become lesbyfriends?


    thank you for posting what should be common sense for women


    Isnt that a good thing?


    Working out gives you really big boobs.


    Hehe this is true.

    I was talking to this chick at work about exercise, and she said she wanted to get some dumb bells to tone her bingo wings – but she was afraid of growing massive un-feminine biceps.

    I lolled.


    Where the fuck are your bingo wings located?


    must have the name of that women on the bottom right PLEASE !


    The one above her as well…

    Holy Mother of Fap.


    I gave up telling them all this a while ago – I’ll let them carry on eating 30 calorie cereal bars which just tell their body “shit!!! shes eating that processed sugary shit again! hold onto the fat so she doesnt die in the night!”

    Same trying to get people to start eating fat again. People just think fat in = fat stored, so eat processed shit with the fat voodoo’d out of it.

    I get a nice smug feeling drinking my whole milk with 100ml cream protein shakes with my 13% body fat while the fat women have 1/3rd of my calories and all their low fat shit and never loose weight. “How can you have mayonaise on that healthy salad” “I like feta cheese but I dont want to get any bigger hehe” *chomps down on whitebread with low fat spread after skipping breakfast* KABOOOOOOOM insulin spike headshot.

    And yea – light weights don’t ask your body to adapt – it may as well be cardio – they just equate/translate “make sure it’s challenging” into “lift more than you possibly can like me, super bro” so think its a macho thing – they pick their 80lb kids up or their 40lb shopping up and lug it around yet use dumbells 5% of the weight to “tone”


    Sorry – gym bro ranting about a pet peeve.


    I will have my way with all of them if it were up to me! Giggity Giggity!


    OP you are such a fucking FAG. your posts are shit. go play in traffic

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