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    A-fucking-men. You know how hard it is just to look NORMAL, let alone like the guy in the above picture? People like him probably don’t have a robust social life and probably work normal 8 hour days at a high paying job. The rest of their time is usually at the gym and preparing their own god damn meals. I’m lucky enough to hit the gym for more than 45 minutes and try my best to choose the healthiest item on the fast food menu! Let me not get started on my attempts at a no soda diet…


    Absolutely wrong.
    It’s a common fact that men have it easier. They don’t have our crazy fucking hormone and bloating issues.
    A woman – I ate 3 green beans and gained 4 pounds last week.
    A man – Figured I should lose a few. Cut out 2 beers a week. Lost 17 pounds.


    We’re not talking about weight alone. Yes, it’s easier (at a certain age) for men to lose weight, generally speaking. The topic is looking good in general. The popular image of a good looking guy requires him to have at least six-pack abs and have a body that feels like it’s chiseled marble. Women are required to diet and primp to meet our culture’s demands. Both take work, so I can’t agree with the picture, but it’s no easier for a man. As with most gender related squabbles, let’s step out of our petty complaints for a second and realize no one has it easier than anyone else. We all have our problems, they’re just not the same.


    The cakes were a lie.


    all the cakes are lies!


    There ya go, blaming your problems on hormones.

    Women are funny.


    get back to the kitchen

    casemods UID# 667

    First of, these are not equal.

    A girl can define her ass and that takes work and it shows.

    Second, I dont work out at all and I look great.

    Third, we are talking about women here. You know how hard it is NOT to eat like a hippo? Women have no self control. Even THEY don’t actually know what they want half the time.


    I despise your willfull ignorance.


    You have ZERO knowledge of the female species so stfu you cum drunk queen.


    I’m just grateful I don’t need to shave my legs, paint my face, wear boob-enhancers and bleed from my crotch.


    Wait, men aren’t meant to do that… SHIT!


    All ignorance. It’s your genes that will determine your body type.

    Some people don’t have to work out to get buff. Some people are naturally thin and lean and don’t go to the gym or anything while others must work hard to maintain their body.


    Right. And America has the highest obesity rates in the world because all the people with bad genes migrated here in the last 200 years. It’s a little known secret that the last line of poem on the Statue of Liberty is “Bring me your fatasses, who cannot lose weight, no matter how many diet sodas they get with their super-sized number 5s.”


    Being lazy and eating junk food will most definitely make you obese. But genetics is a huge factor too. Countries all over the world have fat people.

    Genes determine your body type. What is so hard to understand?


    Genes do not make you fat. Eating like a hog and being lazy make you fat. Ever seen a fat skeleton?

    You don’t inherit being fat – you get fat parents who are lazy and feed their kids too much, thus being both ‘feeders’ and awful role models.

    I’m so fucking sick of this genes/glands/illness.
    No – its fucking greed. Fat fucking greedy lazy pigs. If we killed all the fat people and cooked them up we could feed the starving and everybody wins.

    I think I just fixed world hunger!


    -1 for trolling.

    Weight can be caused by a lot of factors, don’t buy the media hype!

    Think Ian is talking about Somatotype which is used in weight training. The theory that some people no matter how much they lift will never get ripped. (

    BTW pretty sure both photos are air brushed.


    -1 for finger pointing.

    YOU determine your level of health, there is no medical explanation for being a fat lazy oaf.

    Neither of those pics are unachievable. The dude would have had to just finished a hardcore workout – but he is not HUGE. And she looks good but not GREAT. I forget my point now.


    Anadin: We all know that eating a lot and exercising little will make you fat. I don’t think anyone’s disputing that.

    Genetics *is* a big factor, maybe especially for the man in this example. Not everyone can build muscle to such a degree and some girls’ bodies are just unfortunately formed, making it hard for them to become pretty by just slimming down.


    I dont agree that anyone is unfortunately formed, the human body is amazing and everybody is beautiful as long as they stop being greedy/angry/jealous/lazy.

    I agree that not everbody has the potential to look like that guy – but purely because we are such a diverse species. Plus some people dont have any arms. Anyway – take a look at animals in the wild – how many obese wild horses have you seen? Horses are such elegant creatures. Every single person on this planet has the potention to be that elegant. Even more so.





    That’s a lovely planet you’re living on, Anadin.


    99% of men can look like that guy with steroids and a few young and talented male individuals can even do without.
    99% of women CANT look like the girl in the picture regardless of how hard they try since for them it’s all about age and genetics.
    Oh, and if you don’t believe it, just look at what carrot top did to himself 😀


    99% of everything you just typed is raving bullshit.

    100% of people are capable of ANYTHING. Ever see the video of the blind kid that learnt to see by making clicking sounds like a bat? You seen the paralympics right?

    Yet some fat bitch will sit there in her lazy boy eating cheetos whining about how difficult exercise is. No shit fatty, its called work – and nothing fucking NOTHING worth having in this life comes easy.

    I know chicks 3 times that hot beach (pic) chicks age, with red hot bodies and the energy and attitude of a 20 year old. Yessir. Sexy old cougars that go to the gym and look after themselves.

    Attitude. Thats the difference.

    Or fattitude oh hahahah how do I do it.


    I’m an ex-competing powerlifter with an elite total and over 10 years under the bar. I’ve competed in the 100 kg, 110 kg, 125 kg and the over 125 kg classes under three different federations and placed top 5 in a bb show when I was in the lighter class. I have two herniated disk and scheuermann’s disease aside from the obvious tendon and muscle tears.

    I have and am training alongside men and women, bodybuilders and powerlifters, track & field and even some olympic lifters though they are rare around here. The people around me are adult lifters – there is no issue of will power or of being lazy. We train until we die, and then some. We’re all at the point where over-training has become the issue rather then under-training and some of us will use steroids for both performance and recovery.

    So when I say “99% of men…” I mean based on my 20 years of experience in training in and of athletic achievement.

    Oh, and I’m a dude, not a chick 🙂


    Yes some people are pre-disposed to being buff.

    But 100% of people are capable of being lean and healthy.

    Then all you need is some baby oil and photoshop – presto your ripped.


    I’m excluding photoshop and assuming real muscles and real bf%.
    That is, in the real world outside the studio where lighting is not as broad or at a perfect angle, it takes huge genetic talent – in the 1 percentile – and years of hard work in order to look like the people in the picture once past a certain age.

    I know it’s very difficult to understand this without spending hours on end in a gym watching people train, so you can always look at the short careers of models as an example:
    Here you have young beautiful women (well, too skinny for me…) that do nothing except look good and eat as little as possible. Despite what you may have heard, a great many of this girls do keep a healthy diet and are training regularly. Even so, very few of this perfect skin, nice hair, skinny elite ever survive the runway past 30 let alone 25. They will gain weight and lose that skinny figure despite all the cosmetic surgery and substance abuse a 5 digit salary can afford.

    Now for man the opposite is true. Because man, even natural non-steroid users, will keep gaining muscle mass and become stronger until they’ll hit 40 years old, it’s very common to see a lifter in his mid 20th with a big beer belly become far more muscular and lean then the boy above for the simple reason that all that muscle he accumulated through the years adds a large caloric deficit. For my training partner this means that now as 37 year old lifter, he has rippling quads, hams pecs and abs while needing 5500 calories in a training week and 4500 when he’s off in vacation just to maintain his 100kg weight.


    Aye. The problem is excess then? You could look buff but not be ripped right?


    If we’re just talking workout routines, then yes, it takes much more work for men to reach that level. But she probably has a 20-30 minute shower routines she does each day, a constant make-up routine, is constantly hungry, and has to keep up on all the latest fashions. Not to mention all the other crazy shit women have to put up with. I’d rather just workout a couple hours a week.

    Reason #3,487 I’m glad I’m a man.


    These are all things women CHOOSE to do. My type of woman wears little if any makeup and decides on her own fashions. If she finds herself hungry I have a high protein low carb self dispensing snack she can tuck into. She’ll even get a little exercise in the process.

    You know what exercise is great? Aerobics. Yes its a bit gay. But low costs, low impact, quick results, easy targets, scalable and a good reason to wear some slinky lycra.


    Why does everyone assume that because a girl is thing or in shape that she is constantly hungry? More than likely a girl that looks like that runs 3-4 times a week and eats healthy. She probably does not starve herself.


    Alec is Casemods


    Everybody above this post is trolled.


    I really don’t care on the origins of the post its a valid conversation either way.


    i exercise to make my figure look more obviously awesome…
    i think those two picture are silly…
    no normal man looks like that!
    it’s nice to have someone looking toned…but not veins sticking out of muscles…


    Ah the lovely sonicx how are you, you minx? Hey have you killed threedog yet? Oh and ignore what I said about misogyny the other day HAHAHAHAHA I was doing a joke…..


    hahahahha i am LoveLy thanking You!
    And how You doing?
    The joke is fine…i don’t get offended 😉
    i haven’t kiLLed him yet…been pLaying New Vegas 😀


    Yes you are!

    I am all the better for hearing from you thanks 8)

    F:NV FTW! Have you seen ‘No country for old men’? This is my character based on that huge dude with floppy hair: . I even used a console command to make him like 2 feet taller than everyone else. Yeah he’s a badass.

    I think I have an addiciton to Bethesda games. OMG Skyrim makes me aroused.


    havent seen it but recognise the character. OMG he Looks so bad ass…think i nerdgasmed over that gun…
    i need to pLay skyrim! my frind showed it me 🙂


    read tim ferris’s book 4 hour body it is good

    Luke Magnifico

    This is a great thread.


    Nothing positive comes out of a discussion when anonymous fatties talk about fitness.


    *glances at beer belly*


    *closes tab*

    Casemods ;)

    Being fat isnt as much genetic as it is diet and lifestyle, anyone who says otherwise is making excuses for themselves.

    hormones do play a big factor in this also, seeing as estrogen helps the body store fat, whilst testosterone’s main goal is to lose fat and build muscle. women to an extent don’t have the test levels that we do, so their bodies are prone to storing more fats. if any girl i knew even had half of my caloric intake whilst still undergoing regular exercise they would swell up faster than a balloon.

    what im trying to say is, your argument is invalid.


    too exaggerated, I know a few guys who work out properly, and a few girls who “go to the gym” but the guys are dying from intense full body workouts – the women walk on treadmills and eat shit. one or two hard working girls and they have great bods/horribly distracting hard bods.

    General X

    Thing is, the guy in the pic is not in the same league – way hard to get that body, the girl – meh.
    Not a fair comparison IMHO.


    Next time, before posting all your anecdata about how you know shit, why don’t you do a little research into the topic before opening your mouths – I’m referring specifically to those who believe that being fat is:
    A) bad
    B) the individual’s fault
    C) the individual’s responsibility
    D) caused by being lazy or eating the wrong food

    I don’t even know why I bother commenting on this site. Most of you do not make those who disagree with you welcome, are sexist and misogynistic, fat-phobic, and tend to be happy upsetting others.

    This site is not a safe place to be… and it’s be WAY cooler if it were.


    If you eat more than you run, you’re gonna get fat. So often do I hear fat people complaining “Oh no, I am so fat :(” Well guess what, I used to be fat. Then I stopped stuffing my face, went for a jog a little now and then and before you know it you don’t miss all the sugar you used to pound. There are no miracle cures. Just don’t overdo your eating of unhealthy things. Simple.

    Oh and, please stop with the “I’m just big-boned” crap. What, you’re bigboned in layers of flesh OUTSIDE of your bonestrukture? Yeah.

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