Reach vs. cod

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    Sure I’ll bite, Kinda,

    COD Black Ops Is just a more awesome game

    Need more Proof?
    You just get to see more brown and grey-green on COD than in Halo: Reach.
    I don’t see as much of those colors in Halo:Reach as you do in COD: Black Ops.
    Everyone knows that the best games have the most brown and grey-green.

    What Game company doesn’t make 90% of their color pallet brown and grey-green ???

    FAIL GAME!1!!1!!111!!11!!1!!!1!!eleventy


    COD: Brown & Grey-Green Ops



    Luke Magnifico

    Read first as “Reach vs. god”


    Methane Sucking Freaks is your argument? Weak.

    I’ll be playing Battlefield 3 me thinks. That is, if I have the time.

    Luke Magnifico

    If Battlefield 3 were a good enough game you’d make time.


    I am eternally suprised that people take this rubbish seriously. It’s a game, it’s a game platform. Get over it.


    Maybe, but that’s kinda like saying dog shit stinks less than horse shit. Both suck, just one sucks less.


    Each of these games sucks more than casemods at a gloryhole convention.


    Both games are good but knifing and having the satisfaction that you actualy tried to kill the bad guy make CoD better in Reach (and other Halo games) it’s pretty much two or three shots with a gun, one shot with cheap ass weapons (gravtiy hammer, energy sword, cuncussion rifle, any rocket launcher), or throwing stickies. in reach you need skill to survive not just one shot weapons.


    In COD you need skill to survive because the instant you get a reticle on you, you’re as good as dead…Halo makes you run around for ages, empting cartridges on noobs that just get lucky and never die.

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