What is a “priviledge” anyway?

If saying that “education is a right” is the same as saying that it should be free, then I ask: is sex a right or a privilege (not “priviledge,” you goddamn illiterate buffoons)? If it’s a right, does it mean that the government should ensure everyone can get free sex by creating and supporting establishments where everyone will be provided with sex by trained professionals at no cost?

Come to think of it, a lot of people would probably support that idea…

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    Maxwell Edison

    That’s a false analogy. Education is not sex. Trying to refute or support the right to education by positing a right to sex does nothing to the argument for or against a right to education.

    Also, public education is currently a right in the US. Public sex is a misdemeanor. Trust me on this.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    He probably went to Catholic school, where they were told that getting sexed up by priests was part of their education.


    Done in one. Thank you, maxwell-edison.


    but public sex is fun.
    trust me on this.


    I believe you.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    jerking it in the Ross parking lot doesn’t count. wait wrong guy…


    Jesus you’re bitter. You shouldn’t take things so personally. I feel so sorry for you right now I might pull out of your mom. She says hi by the way.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Jokes on you that bitch has more VD than Mexico. Enjoy your scabs.

    And how does ANYTHING I wrote even relate to the stupid shit you just did? Taking it personally?

    You are a stupid person. I’m saying that clearly and in a firm tone so you understand.


    Well, considering that you seem to seek me out just to make petty comments, it’s pretty obvious you have issues with me.

    This is funny to me.


    Demanding something as a basic right doesn’t, by necessity, mean that it should be “FREE,” only provided by the government – and such provisions are paid for by the taxes of citizens. Therefore, to claim that sex is a right would be to start a movement lobbying the government to oversee the provision of its people with sex via, I guess, your whorehouse idea, at the cost of taxpayers. It could be done, if the mindset of the country was entirely different in terms of religious and moral views. It’d also require we weren’t capitalist, as socializing boning would be… Read more »


    sex is a right look, look at casefaggs
    he fucks his fat cousins who are male


    Which is you right?


    I had sex once. It was horrible.


    Free education and healthcare! But that’s socialism and the puppeteers would lose money. Besides we have to pay for the military industrial complex and keep the stockholders happy.

    More public sex!

    casemods UID# 667

    comparing sex to education?

    troll line:



    Neither are rights. After all, Casemods lacks both sex and education.


    This post is just an example of why the Republicans don’t have a clue about fiscal responsibility.


    What exactly are they protesting?

    I’m curious about this. Taxes pay for public schools. How is that free?


    Isn’t sex free to begin with? Are we to presume you’ve been paying for sex?

    I would propose that both education and sex are rights and laws prohibiting people from seeking either would be unjust. In the case of education there is a public good in its assurance so we go beyond simply protecting and offer facilitation. There is no public good in getting you laid however.

    Education is free. University isn’t but get specific then, retards. Or go protest in front of your parents house. They’re the ones who were too stupid or lazy or both to properly plan in the event of you breaking the mold and going off to college to study philosophy and fuck drunk bitches instead of continuing the long tradition of toilet cleaners your papi always wanted you to follow in. Sex is free too. Who pays to have sex? The dumb fuck who made this must rely on whores. Which is not only not a right it’s illegal. What a… Read more »


    Are you protesting the protesters? If so I protest.


    Agreed. Why would you want to educate your workforce? They’ll just want stuff like jobs and higher wages for their increased production.


    I think we are asking the wrong question. It doesn’t really matter what it is. We need to ask, would we all be better off if education was provided to everyone? Yes or no?


    The best education possible for those in elementary, middle and high schools, definitely. But for most jobs out there, that is all an employee needs. Others need a specialized degree or certification, while others need advanced education. But giving everybody a bachelor’s degree just sets people up for high debt and disappointment, since there isn’t a huge demand for people with philosophy degrees, and those with the philosophy degrees will wind up going back to school for associate’s degrees or certification to qualify for advanced ditch digging or burger flipping. America needs certified plumbers, not more history majors.


    Which is why I double majored in math.


    Education = Sex = privilege ?
    I dont see any correlation to that argument.
    Education = dinosaurs = conservation = blue cheese = privilege !
    Now I have one too!

    Phil Osophy

    Loaded question fallacy.



    “priviledge” hmmm either the sign holders really need that education, or they are trolling.


    Sex with Lotus is a privilege.


    Pics or it didnt happen.


    Sex with casemods is a charitable donation.


    I took sex education in college.

    Professor Ratbaggy

    An educated population is good for the community and good for the country — and good for the planet.  It’s not about it being a right, it’s about it being A Good Thing.  It is totally worthy of public funding because it benefits the public.  Everyone wins with an educated community.


    So those janitors with PhDs are winning?


    sex is a right and so is being educated. it is your right to get an education and it is your right to have sex AS LONG as you don’t trump anybody else’s liberty in doing so, because after all, it is also our right to NOT get educated and to NOT have sex if we so desire. so, all the comments above are quite moronic and useless and have fallen into a trolling trap set up by the OP (whether intentionally or unintentionally). if you want education it is your right, however nobody is obliged to provide it to… Read more »