WShich one is illegal ?

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    all the above make you look, do them NOW!!!!!

    Kik Dogg

    Schizophrenia? I thought that was caused by a virus your mom had. Maybe.


    There is a correlation between heavy cannabis use and mental disorders, including schizophrenia. There are more negative effects of cannabis than those listed here. Check Wikipedia for more info. But it’s still safer.


    from wikipedia regarding “A 2007 meta-analysis estimated that cannabis use is statistically associated, in a dose-dependent manner, to an increased risk in the development of psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia.”:No causal mechanism has been proven, however, and the meaning of the correlation and its direction is a subject of debate that has not been resolved in the scientific community.

    please read all of wikipedia’s articles before coming to a conclusion which may or may not be correct anyway, thank you.


    I know many of the BD students self-medicated w/ pot, alcohol, etc…


    I said there was a correlation, and so did you, so why does your post read like you’re correcting me and calling me an idiot? I know the difference between correlation and causation, and either you don’t, or you misread my post.


    There are many reasons to avoid drug use, period.
    Ignoring what cannabis does to people doesn’t make it any better.
    Troll post is fail.


    You’re right; there are plenty of reasons not to do drugs.

    You’re right; cannabis does have negative side effects.

    You’re wrong about everything else. Nobody is ignoring or even downplaying the effects of cannabis or even arguing it’s good for you. What the picture suggests is that cannabis (which is illegal) is no worse tobacco or alcohol (which aren’t).

    You’re (also) wrong; post is neither troll nor fail. You are.


    Blame the douchebags of the timberindustry


    I getcha


    did a study on the effects of marijuana on developing mental state. must say there is a reason its illegal


    Please post your data. I have seen the effect on grammar. I also believe it can play a part in one’s choice of web surfing habits. *badoom, crash!*


    Look hippies,
    Get some lobbyists to bribe…I mean “contribute heavily”…to a bunch of congressmen like Big Tobacco does, or STFU.


    I’d argue that, taking the overall toxicity of the substance into account, the above question is justified…weed is simply not that harmful (to the body). You’d have to smoke 1500lbs. in some 15 Minutes to have any chance of dieing, and then the most likely cause would be suffocation. One could also just compare the substance related deaths of each….people die in the thousands, daily, from tobacco and alcohol, yet there is not one single casualty in the documented history of baking. oh, and btw every drug alters ones personality. and since schizophrenia is far from being a well defined/outlined… Read more »


    “You’d have to smoke 1500lbs. in some 15 Minutes to have any chance of dieing”

    Challenge accepted, Sir.


    USA learned nothing from the alcohol prohibition of the twenties, apparently.


    Yes they did.

    They learned that by keeping a substance illegal there are massive profits to be made that don’t end up with the tax man.


    Let me step just outside the topic for a moment, just long enough for a quick, honest question:

    I have sampled all the above, even though I’ve never been a regular user of any of them, and I can’t find the appeal of tobacco. What do (some) people get from it that drives them to addiction?


    I understand comparing alcohol to marijuana and declaring marijuana safer, but what I don’t understand is the comparison to cigarettes. So the negative side effects of smoking has nothing at all to do with putting hot smoke into your lungs? It has nothing to do with the carcinogens found in the soot that coat your throat and mouth? Nothing to do with inhaling burnt fertilizer products used in the growing process?

    I’m sorry, but you can’t convince me that smoking MJ is safer than smoking cigarettes.


    Nobody in their right mind would make the argument that smoking, be it tobacco, marijuana or some herbal mix, isn’t harmful. The thing is there are more carcinogens to be found in tobacco (especially commercial tobacco, which is laced with dozens of substances not found in “wild” tobacco) than in marijuana.