middle east is fucked


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    I approve. But lets not just single out Islam. Lets get all the Abrahamic religions.

    Humanity has been long overdue for significant progress.


    I give your trolling a 2/10
    but only because I think it’s funny and ironic that the chinese guy here wants to kill others over basic human rights.


    Sometimes we just need a clean slate to work with.


    Tell us more about your final solution.

    Also, why just Abrahamic religions?


    because most of the other religions don’t hassle the rest of the world like they do.


    I see. Your mentality is very “eye for an eye”. How Christian of you.

    I really hope you’re trolling.


    fucking gook.. we should get rid of your kind first


    Yeah Hitler sure knew what was up.

    General X

    I must say that this is appalling, and I urge siteadmins to take this down asap. Please.


    I am offended by you’re offense
    Sight administrators , ban him and bailiff whack his pee-pee


    coons don’t gots no pee pee

    Alec Dalek

    Oh noes! Do not make fun of the pedophile Mohammad!!!

    Alec Dalek

    Won`t somebody please think of the children…
    …that mohammad had sex with!


    heh…Chinese guy?

    Isn’t China the country who’s leaders think late term abortion means a needle of formaldehyde on the head of the fetus? The bastion of great thinking and civilization’s TRUE beginning? Their most illustrious leader thinking that virgin girls would reinvigorate him? (yeah…good luck with THAT)

    Face it…most, if not all of humanity has an issue with the other…

    In the words of the IMMORTAL, er..IMMORAL George Carlin…

    ‘You believe in God?’ ‘No.’ Boom. Dead. ‘You believe in God?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘You believe in my God? ‘No.’ Boom. Dead. ‘My God has a bigger dick than your God!’


    Kill everyone, that way we can be equal again, as in all dead not just one particular group of people.


    humans ARE one particular group of people


    nuke all religions, humanity is past dumb imaginary gods and beliefs


    lol I’m not chinese.


    lol your asianity just back trolled the counter troll operation. this is getting funny


    Korean dog
    lol jk i just wanted to be part of the trolling XD


    he’s a fuckin gook, who cares what nationality he is.. blind fold him with dental floss and put him to the wall


    How about we call you a yellow chink.


    Why the fuck would they waste 3 B-2s on a low altitude run in the middle of the day?


    you wouldn’t be able to see them otherwise?


    Harharhar! You guys, you’re killing me with this stuff! 😀
    First of all: I gotta say this picture hits the motherload of insensitivity (& ignorance too, while we’re at it).
    Second of all: It’s amazing that ian356094 actually has to refute the extremely prejudiced claims to his nationality.
    Third of all: Thumbs up chinese guy 😉 for your trolling, or counter-trolling, or whereever we’re at. This whole thread has made my day. 😀


    this was fun. reminiscent of moldy bible.

    if you don’t know my where i’m from, just call me “Asian”. ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.


    i like to call the crazy ones “Crazians”. not that i think you are, but wanted to throw that out there.


    i don’t think that would work because of that “Z”. it just sounds like cray-z-ans.


    How dare you compare the moldy bible to this!!!


    I’m always shocked just how jingoistic the US is, you guys over there have really bought into the whole American exceptionalism bullshit your leaders and media have been spoon feeding you.



    Yet, it seems everyone whats to come here. Crazy isn’t it?


    Mostly just the Mexicans and Cubans. :p Take a trip to Mexico and you’ll see why.

    While Mr. Anonymous Coward’s comments were over the top and painted all of us with a sweeping generalization, there’s a point in there. There are too many of us Americans who are WAY too egotistical about our place in the world and have a GROSSLY unrealistic idea of our power.


    Ding ding ding… we have a winner.


    as a Mexican-American i can say that i hate Cubans and i dont know why
    its not the tequila talking
    its not the tacos talking
    its the Mexican inside me (lol that sounded really gay)


    Every country has it’s faults as well as it’s strengths.

    America’s got plenty of faults, but it’s strengths are fuckin’ awesome. That’s something I can’t say for other countries.

    If you’ve never lived outside the US for an extended amount of time, then don’t bother critiquing it.

    America’s awesome and I love her. Would most definitely not want to live anywhere else in the world.


    Mexico’s faults?
    Corruption in every level of government
    Extreme poverty in some parts
    Exporting our everything we grow
    Extremely religious people
    We have a way of thinking that fucks your neighbor
    We worship drug dealers



    Mexico as a lot of faults
    A LOT
    but lets not forget its greatest strengths that really defined MEXICO


    At least we’re bombing the Saudi’s.


    Photoshop fail. Broadcast time in the corner is 1:45 eastern time. That would make it after sunset in Mecca. The devil is in the details.

    Alec Dalek

    That light isn`t coming from the sun.


    Yeah, that’s right. Nuke the shit out of their holy city. That won’t just make them even more pissed off at us than they are now. Think terrorists are a threat now? Just think what would happen when even our current Islamic allies are against us. Not to mention most of the rest of the world for such an appalling war crime. And if you think “Fuck, we can take ’em. ‘MERICA! FUCK YEAH!”, just go out and get hit by a bus now. Need to get your arrogant stupidity out of the gene pool sooner rather than later.

    Frankly, though, this is like advocating nuking the Vatican because of Christians who bomb abortion clinics and such. Don’t blame the whole damn religion for the actions of a tiny minority of nutcase extremists.


    Read higher in the thread. Someone actually advocated killing Christians too.


    Its not about the extremists. It’s about religion as a whole and the MASSIVE problems they cause in our daily lives and the MASSIVE problems it will create as long as they are around.

    You truly want progress among the human race? Get rid of religion.


    Just a thought here, but we’re not going to make any progress if we resort to genocide every time we want to make some changes.


    No, but it’s the thought that counts. Just to show them that we just won’t tolerate their kind anymore. Its the year 20-fuckin-11. Lets move past this religion shit. We don’t need it anymore. It’s become a hindrance to progress and the scientific community.

    We thinkers believe that to truly move forward, we need to cut them loose. We’ve given them enough time in the spotlight.


    The problems “religion as a whole” has caused come primarily from the extremists, though. So, yeah, it’s about extremists.


    missile defense.


    That’ll show them whose the more tolerant and less violent religion…


    Homeland Security Counter Terrorism aka Seizing music sharing blogs for the RIAA


    you guys i have a simpler solution
    vote for
    Ron Paul this 2012
    he will take out the military from the WORLD and stop giving money to Israel
    once we stop giving money to Isreal that are killing and destroying a civilization the terrorist will stop targeting us
    mmmmm jews killing, taking over the land and destroying a specific type of people that reminds me of something mmmmmmmm cough cough *Hitler* cough cough
    definition of irony? yea


    Shouldn’t you be shaving your sister’s back?


    yea i just have to finish shaving your mom’s back


    Spoken just like a Rondroid. Resume sputtering.

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