>get this text >ignore it >go to bed

Alpha as fuck.

This is how you be it.

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    She says she looks like Janet Jackson…..


    More like FREDDY JACKSON! DAMN!! 😀


    I knew somebody would get the joke… but obviously not the insecure little boy.


    Procure second cellphone. Text self. Black out names. Appear alpha to compensate for lack of positive male affirmation. Post it online to generate responses. Feel temporarily good about self.

    According to Urban Dictionary:

    “Pseudo alpha male. ”
    1. One who is a completely fraudulent alpha male.
    2. One who lacks any sort of the real life attributes of an alpha male, while conversely acting like he is one.
    3. Please insert picture of casefags here.


    It wouldn’t be “jealousy” it would be “envy” and shut the fuck up.


    Pretty cool that your dad needs to hook you up with women.
    I guess…


    And you’d know all about being a beta-male.


    FROM 1990’s PHONE. Damn. Haven’t seen one of THOSE in awhile.

    Not exactly alpha to bullshit your reasoning for not having a decent phone. Alphas can afford smart phones.

    Your plan isn’t pinned to your phone. You can have your same plan and talk and text without data and still use the smart phone capabilities when you find available wifi.

    I say again it’s not exactly alpha to bullshit your reasoning for not having a decent phone. Alphas can afford smart phones.


    “WRONG! Show me a smartphone that you can get on prepaid.

    Verizon impulse does not allow smartphones on prepaid.

    Do your research. I have done mine.”

    Beta twat is pathetic….


    Douche of network then, in most countries you can get any phone you want on any tariff you want. The tariff/prepay/pay as you go differential just affect how much you’ll pay for the handset.


    An Alpha male doesn’t advertise, he doesn’t seek attention, he just gets it.
    Alpha post is Fail


    I still don’t get what you find in here little man…



    “A Zyzz type ethnic douchebag is often pathologically self-aggrandizing, and will alienate others with their attention seeking & wild claims. To others, the majority of their ‘boasts’ come across as vainglorious, and grounded in narcissistic fantasy.”

    Yup! That’s Casemeth!!!


    vainglorious, narcissistic, attention seeking, pathologically self-aggrandizing = casemeth

    srsly tho


    Please kill yourself. Thank you.


    Why did she/he ignore the message? Im so curious!


    you might want to re-examine your angle of attack, because your weak-fucking-bullshit isn’t going to bring in any other type of woman.


    I think it’s pretty cool you got your dad trying to hook you up. All my dad wants to do is talk about Jesus.


    I guess that shows you what he thinks of you.


    Don’t have to.

    Casemods ;)

    How exactly are you alpha for ignoring a txt from a fat chick?



    What he meant to say was that not even sub-par chicks would date of fuck him because if they did they would be committing beastiality.


    This shit’s getting old


    casemods is a delta male.


    wow i understand you all hate him so
    why docent he post this crap on his side of mcs?


    Because his side is for porn, and this isn’t porn


    Unless you’re into casemods rejecting fat chicks


    Casemods i used to have some respect for you….I gotta respect some who sticks with their guns. But you used to do with a little for lack of a better word “class”. responding to every piece of hate they threw at you was very weak. The little respect i had is now gone.


    he has to respond to ALL negative replies.. he wouldnt be casedouche otherwise. you speak of class to a kid who drives a jimmy and thinks putting the shittiest Fry’s radio on sale last week is doing shit.

    the respect you never had is gone casedouche.. your mom wanted me to tell you to grow the fuck up already. oh and your going to have a little (half) brother soon


    He still has not responded to mine yet…the strength of the truth is to powerful for him. That and he is all alone. All good for me though cause some of the comments left are funny as all hell. Most of his comments though are sad…very sub-par, and that is putting it nicely.


    Oh, I want to be part of the conversation too!


    you misspelled something there…its spelled “GAY” not “ALPHA”


    Let me just get this straght… Some chick text you – and you ignored it. This is Alpha? Wouldn’t it be more alpha if you… I dunno… impregnated her? Instead if judging her on a mixture of the standards of popular culture – and information from a social networking site? Do Alpha’s use myspace? Or would they be out in the real life (sometimes you geeks call it RL – you may have heard of it) networking with real people? Wiki says an alpha is “the individual in the community with the highest rank” – Well thats handy… we have… Read more »


    The only sense in which you are Alpha is the ‘pre-release’ sense.

    You are buggy, broken and retarded.

    Beta is a little better than you.





    Inorite. And I kinda like him for gods sake.


    yeah boi.. keep that pimp hand strong.. fuck them bitches and the haters.. faggot ass nerds never get any pussy just put a real nigga down.. fuck em case, keep it real


    son dont lie to friends on the internets, you where up all night with that fat little skank on the phone. i could hear your tweezers slipping off your pecker while attempting phone sex and i hope those are not the same tweezers you pluck your eyes brows with.


    Oh snap!


    yeah guys dont be amused by my step sons’s doucheness.. he takes it to a whole new level. he has been infatuated with trying to be a real boy like Pinocchio. his mother hung herself when she realized that this kid would grow up to be the biggest douchebag on the internets