Idiot Queen

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    I’m thinking that being insulted by a guy wearing sunglasses that match his tie doesn’t sting much.


    Too metro for you?

    Considering all the anti-gay hate speech that comes from the right, I like to try to appear as gay as possible just to annoy them.


    hate much?


    I love all the anon retards on here.


    Well, it took eighteen years of carrying around that sign, but I’ll be damned. The Idiot King finally found his soulmate.


    I think she’s wondering if he’s protesting the British Monarchy…


    Sarah has made a fool out of herself on National TV so many times I seriously doubt an insulting sign even makes an impression. She probably just thinks he’s another fan –

    Its nice he’s letting everyone know who he is. Sing it sister.


    Yeah Sarah! Sing us the one about how Paul Revere rode off to warn the British by firing warning shots and ringing bells! I always liked that one!


    I hate to say this, but she was kind of right about the incident.

    But she fucked it up because she’s a horrible speaker who can’t remember what she was coached to say. Then she went on Fox news and doubled down on the derp saying she was right and it was another gotcha question instead of correcting herself. The gotcha question was something like “what did you do today?”


    Not really – he never fired warning shots or rang bells and his intent was to warn the colonists and mobilize the militia, not warn the British. He was captured and questioned by the British soldiers and told them that the militia was coming (at gunpoint), but it wasn’t his intent. And he never told them that that “they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms” because Revere thought the regulars were out to capture Samuel Adams and John Hancock, not the arms stores at Concord.


    Let’s face it, this guy is just just helping her. Sarah Palin is no better than a forum troll, and he’s giving her what she wants.

    It’s kinda like all you idiots who respond to casemods. You’re doing what he wants you to do.


    I’d vote for her just to see what’d happen, though.

    Surely there are some safeguards in place? Let’s find out!


    The first safeguard against an idiot like Palin getting into office is the ability of the voter to recognize that she’s an idiot and not vote for her. Think about it.


    I will admit I have this morbid curiosity about what her presidency would be like. She’s clearly an opportunist and a political chameleon. I don’t think she has any real beliefs. She’ll just hop on whatever political bandwagon that is most advantageous to her. That makes her a campaigning beast, but under all the propaganda, where’s the substance? I haven’t seen her make one statement that isn’t campaign rhetoric. As I understand it, sometimes she has her children Google subjects she’s unfamiliar with. Like the fucking economy. That indicates that she’s basically a blank slate with no real understanding of… Read more »


    It would be interesting to see someone like that put in a position of power. And I mean interesting in the same way that the black plague is interesting.



    She’s not a troll, she’s a Kardashian. Her existence is defined by her ability to draw attention to herself, without having any actual discernible value or talent.


    1/10 on the trolling
    Call me when you’re ballzy enough to show up with a sign that says “dumb bitch”


    LOL, look at her expression!

    Jim Thornberry

    Obama=Failed,worthless piece of crap.


    Thank you for that well thought out post.