lone carrier

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    dunno…looks alot like that is shopped.

    Carriers generally don’t ride THAT low I think.

    also, carriers always have at least one or two escorts but this may be a special case.


    The shot is too close and narrow to see any escorts if they are there, but there are events which don’t require escorts. Reminds me of the JFK (which was decommissioned in 2007), because airwing is absent and we couldn’t do much other than piddle off the coast for a weekend a month…until one of the rudders fell off. Good times.


    This is the Russian carrier Admiral Kuznetsov. The curve of his launch ramp can be noted through the command tower antenna array.


    Oh and he DOES ride that low in the water.


    Good eye!


    mrx Is correct, The Russians dont bother put 10 or 15 ships around 1 carrier , 2 destroyers and a sub is all you really get. Remember the surface ships are not the Pride of the Russian fleet.


    True, their sub fleet is the main focus, but even those have fallen on hard times. Makes me a little sad when I think of all that gnarly hardware rusting at their docks –and then I remember the Cold War, when I grew up convinced the whole world would roast in nuclear fire at any given moment, and I get happy again.

    (And yet, if I had a few billion to blow, I’d get myself a mothballed Typhoon, fix it up and turn into Captain Fucking Nemo.)


    naval su-27 on the deck is a big old hint too..

    But I did not know they rode that low.