acid trip

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    Nothing like any of the trips I have been on and I showed a quite unnatural desire to trip on lots of LSD for long periods of my life.


    I thought I could hear the blades of grass talking to each other (and about me), I tried to pull a molar out because I thought it was crushing the rest of my teeth, and I tried to make out with my gym teacher Mrs. Ames, but I never saw any shit like this. I call shenanigans.


    this is what people think LSD will produce, who have never done it. It’s actually far far more beautiful and terrifying. 🙂


    I’d freak if this is what I saw while tripping.

    Kik Dogg

    I am still waiting for the free trip Nixon promised us…..


    I spent five days in Yellowstone tripping my ass off. Five FULL DAYS. I hiked back country, drove thru the entire park and walked all the paths. And- I fucked with the old people every chance I got. I made a LOT of them walk away from me! hehhehheh…..