Wet penguin

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    If you look closely, you’ll see the purple band on the bird in the background. That’s because these penguins are living in captivity, probably a zoo. I know this because even though their feathers look wet, they are in fact ruffled. They do this to help release excess heat, which often occurs when penguins are kept in an artificial environment, because while the zoos try to keep them cool, they cannot duplicate the penguins natural climate.


    These are Little Blue Penguins, also known as Fairy Penguins. Their natural habitat is the southern coast of Australia and New Zealand, which has climates ranging from Temperate to Grassland to Subtropical. Keeping them cool is not that much of a problem for zoos. The Henry Doorly Zoo here in Omaha has a nice outdoor Fairy Penguin exhibit in front of the restaurant/concession stand thing that is outside of the aquarium. (can’t find a good picture of it on Google, but i’m sure my dad has one on his computer, except that I just dropped him off at the airport… Read more »


    How do you know keeping them cool isin’t a problem? I worked for the Burnet Park Zoo (now known as Rosamond Gifford) for years. We had Humboldt Penguins, and even though they come from South America, they are named after the cold water current they swim in, which is named after Alexander von Humboldt, an explorer. Keeping them cool was always an issue, junior. Tell your Dad that when he gets back from E3.


    tastes like chicken.


    I’ve seen these little guy’s when i’ve been out fishing, lying on there backs looking at you when you sail past, with a look on there face that says, what are you doing out here on my ocean. They don’t move they just eyeball you go past.