jennifer lawrence

saw X-Men: First Class last night, and wow.  It was much better then I was expecting it to be, this was the same company that brought us the confusion of Wolverine: Origins (or was that “X-Men: Origins: Wolverine“?)

Every time Jennifer Lawrence was on screen she took my breath away though, especially when she was all blued up in her Mystique make-up…yowza, she looked nice.

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    tiki god

    not a fan of the rounder faces then? that’s ok, more for me!


    Although the movie wasn’t bad per se, I had some issues with it: (a) X-men stories seem to have only one plot: the lovely and not-at-all-Mary-Sue-like mutants are pure at heart (well, except the ones trying to kill all humans), and despite that, they are hated by the hateful humans who hate the wonderful mutants because they are hateful haters full of hatred, and are like totally jealous of the mutant’s wonderfulness which is totally the only reason why the hate them. At least if you don’t count the part where a mutant tries to kill everyone. (b) X-men stories… Read more »

    tiki god

    I believe that angel is latino, not black.

    and that “CIA Girl” is the professor’s future girlfriend, she was the one that was there when he woke up at the end of x-men 3

    tiki god

    but other than those two minor points, I agree with you.


    Is this an awkward shot of her in costume or did the whole movie have her looking like someone put a quick layer of textured playdoh over her junk?


    I would touch her inappropriately.


    On the vagina…


    Considering that Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy are pretty good actors, I have high hopes for this.