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    casemods UID# 667

    >hating on guys that wear skateshoes because they don’t always skateboard while wearing them
    >hating on guys who like motocross
    >hating on guys guys who wear skateboard brands because they do in fact, skateboard
    >hating on guys who have lifted trucks

    This one makes no sense

    Also, nice shitty small image.


    Proof Casemods doesn’t know how to read and think critically. But we already knew that much.

    casemods UID# 667

    They forgot surf douches


    I was going to stop by and make some kind of, “By our powers combined, we are Casemods.” quip – but I’m glad to see you’ve saved me the trouble. Again.


    The Icy Hot Stuntaz are actually from Georgia, not the mid-west. And people here prefer their trucks to be raised up on huge tires, not lowered, so I don’t think the person that made this image has any idea of what he is talking about. How can one go mudding if the truck is scraping the ground? Makes no sense. So, while Casemods is a douchebag, I sympathize with his post.


    Pretty sure most of us people on the west (mainly CA) wear Vans more than DC.
    Vans > DC


    The scarface thing made me lol – I have noticed that its every “cool criminal” guys fave film 🙂

    It’s good though, just really popular with plastic gangsters who like to think their a cut above the rest.


    Man, you Americans are lucky having your douchebags all separated out like that. I’m living in Vancouver right now, and we’ve got all 6 in the same damn place. And a couple more, just for good measure. Actually, that’s not entirely true; we don’t have Guidos. Although I’m pretty sure that’s only because the Prairie folk hunt them for sport, and thus far none of them have made it this far west. That being said, it looks like I might be moving up north into the realm of the eski-bro, who look to be the most tolerable douchebags on the… Read more »


    who ever made this is a retard. its wigger not whigger, saggy pants not sagged pants.. fucking moron. half of these “douchebags” can be from anywhere in the states for the exception of bros with lifted trucks, those are primarily in cali, az, and nevada.
    and nobody does popped collar anymore.. maybe in some isolated from society village in bumblefuck usa, but thats about it. fuckin nerds.


    Heh, good call