Weapons manual

death to those capitalist pigs, comrade

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    These would be SO much cooler if I could read them. I mean, thanks for posting them, and all, but it really made me want to know what all the words meant.


    I own a CUR2 which is a semi-auto version of the 5.45 AK-74. Very nice rifle.

    And as for the SVD Dragunov…I will never really understand a base-line sniper rifle or a DMR needing a BAYONET…


    the bayonet is useful when the squad had leap frog’ed away and the sniper was flanked while reloading – no hand gun. the Dragunov isn’t a DMR or even a sniper rifle in the western sense. soviet military doctrines on deploying sharpshooters were squad suppressive fire range support for dealing with the AK’s reduced range. platoon level snipers – western style one/two man team picking off targets of opportunity – were very rarely used (stalingrad and such, you could literally count the times they were used on one hand) since outside of the urban or jungle arenas, this model isn’t… Read more »


    I got simple, yet brillinat solution – learn russian.
    So this is why there’s SVD (shouldn’t it be SWD ?) in Dragunov.


    The thing is, these aren’t Soviet-era illustrations, and I don’t think the AK-74M was ever used before the fall of the Soviet Union. I don’t even think the GP-25 was around in any large numbers until the 80’s, at which point the Soviet rhetoric would be more along the lines of “imperialist Americans” not “capitalist pigs.” As far as I can tell, the rifle with the GP-25 is just the AK-74M but with a folding stock, so I’d say these images are definitely post-Soviet, and most likely disseminated for civilians, as they are not comprehensive enough for military use (at… Read more »


    AK-74 and GP 25 were both used in Afghanistan.

    Not too sure about the 74M…think it was mid 90’s for the upgraded version.

    they did have the AKS-74 side-folder for airborne troops.