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    not to mention all the jerbs dey turk




    I see…

    The native Americans didn’t build a wall and became prisoners in their own country due to uncontrolled immigration.

    Several hundred years later the current US natives still do not have a wall, and will probably face the same end.

    What a depressing cartoon.


    You should probably learn how to be racist in Spanish.

    Not PC

    Considering the slaughters that occured and how they were virtually wiped out by the english and french, building a wall and killing them before they landed would of been a good thing for them. Read the history, how they’re villages would be burned in the middle of the night with them trapped inside, the descriptions of the sounds of their screams as they burned to death.

    A very appropriate action on the natives part, if they’d taken it.


    I get this cartoon, since the natives didn’t actually do this they have become completely marginalized and had their societies crushed. So we should follow the example in the cartoon and not the one the natives actually took.

    Mike R

    This cartoon has been done 100 times before and I just do not get how anyone who knows a thing about history could come to any conclusion other than, “Yup, the Natives got treated really really badly because they let/couldn’t stop unlimited numbers of immigrants flood their land. I don’t want to be treated really really badly so we should take steps to insure that what happened to the Natives doesn’t happen to us.”


    Uhhhh…. do I have to point out the obvious here—
    that if the Indians HAD built a wall, they’d still have a continent?