That look …

What she think ??

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    “look at that slut”

    casemods UID# 667

    That’s her conscious thought.

    Her sub-conscious thought is:

    “She’s getting more attention than me”


    “She’s got a better x than I do”

    Women take their looks very seriously and they get super jealous.

    Most whores hate it when there are other girls around.

    This wouldn’t be a problem if the good ones stayed in the damn kitchen.

    Which also raises another discussion: is the girl on the right a whore as well? She sure seems like it. No good girls would have such a jealous look on their face.


    Clearly you haven’t thought this through….You’re not worth getting into a conversation with but what i will tell you that you’re 25% right.

    casemods UID# 667

    Which part is right?


    Pretty much this.

    casemods UID# 667

    Kudos on removing the stupid watermark. Who gives a fuck where this was posted at.


    She’s thinking “Bitch, I INVENTED that!”


    “Maybe having father issues isn’t that bad, because everyone seems to like her” than exactly 2 milliseconds later…. “boo hoo they like her more than me. I’m a sad panda :(“


    Hate to say it, but yep.
    She’s thinking “her ass is SO much nicer than mine.”


    her bitch face says meh…
    but her crossed arms say “she’s gonna still my boyfriend !”
    but to be honest, the entire scene was obviously choreographed so it’s all acting.


    What every other girl ever thinks when she see’s an attractive girl “I want to have lesbian sex with that girl infront of random guys”


    I want to have lesbian sex with you in front of random guys


    “What she think ??” ”
    – “Figure, attention – do want. Herpes – do not want”,
    – “Note to self – never do anal”,
    – “Note to self #2 – never do “horse” cocks”,
    – “Did I left that oven on ?”,
    – “I wonder if my boyfriend will remember about our anniversary ?”,
    – “What to make for dinner ?”,
    – “I should have put on those beige shoes”,


    I think that bitch is thinking “bark bark bark arf bark bark arf arf arf bark bark”.

    And then she’s squirming too much so the guy has to put her down.

    fracked again

    We have come full circle. The Chive ‘stole’ from M[C]S which now ‘steals’ from The Chive.