Kung Fu Panda 2

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    his parents are a live


    Cookie cutter predictable bullshit.


    Sorry if my childhood was a little less boring, we didn’t have six 3D movies a year coming with the same recycled characters under different animal species and parts of the world.

    It might be weird but the only movies I remember from my “childhood” were Jurassic Park, and The Lion King and I think even by today’s standards, JP would’ve delivered a more entertaining and thoughtful message than Crap Fu Black.

    Maybe it’s you who is expecting a little too less from a kids’ cartoon movie.

    I’m going back to my 1987 G.I Joe movie trivia and D20 dice.


    Good thing we have Pixar.

    Malta Soron

    Too bad Pixar isn’t the only studio making animated movies. Dreamworks get it right every now and then, but then they fuck it up by spamming us with an endless stream of sequels (e.g. Shrek).


    This movie will teach our children that problems are solved through punching.

    Oh, and that being obese protects you from your enemies abusing your pressure points.


    I see nothing wrong with this.


    so what you’re saying is that americans are invulnerable?


    Good movie. Not as good as the first, but still good.