EVE Online screenies

Some screenshots I took while playing my addiction of the last 4 years.

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    MORE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Neat idea for a game, crappy implementation.

    CCP hates the players of EVE, especially newbies.


    Username? I play too 😀



    I fucking hated EVE (at the end of it.) Finally skill up, get a crispy, shiny new ship, then pwn for a month, then out of nowhere get a mission that you have no chance of winning and it is all taken away. Wash, rinse, repeat. Having absolutely no clue what a mission entailed (without completely googling the shit out of it (which is akin to cheating to me)) and jumping in (and I mean the MIDDLE of a hundred baddies) only to be webbed and subsequently killed (robbed of your 26 million ship with parts it took weeks to… Read more »


    Idiot, I already implied mission descriptions were worthless and the difficulty doesn’t graduate, it plateaus seemingly randomly. I guess I should have spelled that out for you. Acceleration gates DROP you in the middle of missions. If you HAD done a mission recently, you could have commented intelligently. Or, maybe not. I’m not talking about “Warp to 0k.” I’m talking about MISSIONS; the equivalent of WoW instances. I play missions because I like PvE and not having to suck dick in a corp and follow good-ol-boy rules and basically avoid dicks like you. That 26M was for an outfitted BC.… Read more »


    Don’t forget the missions where there’s 15(!) jamming ships working you over at the same time and you can just sit there and hope your drones kill some random frigate.


    What happened to Elite 4? This is just another Elite wannabe.


    I like/d the idea of playing it a bit like a stock market game with the mineral/mining trade but it just became evident that I’d be a bottom feeder unless I ploughed hours and hours into it – I had 2 rigs in my room and thought I’d just baby sit eve on one while playing other games then I thought… what the fuck am I doing… spending 4 hours after work on it… I mean sure as long as it’s interesting/fun you can waste your time playing with your toes for all it matters, but when people sell ships… Read more »


    Some people weren’t loved enough by their mommy or were fucked by their daddy and are now dicks to strangers on the internet. I was raised with manners and show everyone the same respect until they prove to me that they don’t deserve it. That is where you find yourself now, dick. I for one loved EVE’s complexity and depth, to a point. It resembled the ICE games of old, especially Space Master. I don’t mind losing (we were allowed to lose when I was a kid, none of this fucking consolation trophy bullshit… it built character and taught us… Read more »


    I recently came back to Eve after completely writing it off in 2006 for being too brutal for my tastes. I’m really liking it now and we have a fledgling pirate corp in Amarr space–looking to start a drug production ring. They have made a lot of changes to be more noob friendly including but not limited to: – Everyone starting off with learning skills (no more learning the learning skills for 2 weeks before you can actually play the game) – Mission agents divided into only 2 categories (as opposed to like 16). Security Divisions for battle missions. Distribution… Read more »