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Insanely Rational

Reaction from every single person with strong political opinions regarding the results of a poll: (If poll shows the majority disapproves his position) “So what if THEY are the ‘majority’. The majority of people thought slavery was a very good and morally correct thing. Guess what? They were f**king wrong!! Just because something is more popular, it doesn’t mean it’s right to impose it on everyone else! What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong, regardless of how many believe otherwise. And democracies were created to uphold what is right, and to prevent those who are wrong… Read more »


From what I understand, 53% want to allow same-sex marriage, not “impose it on everyone else”. How I like my wiener treated should be my own darn problem, unless I go about treating others to it without their permission (or that of their guardians).

And don’t give me no shit about marriage being a good Christian tradition. It’s a good Muslim tradition, a good Norse tradition, and a good pagan or heathen tradition too.

The Matrix: Rebooted

I think the compromise should be just to ban all marriage.


Or marriage between people who don’t love eachother – Onion did this a while back, I thought the interviews were hysterical.



Or just define it as a partnership at the legal level and let the partners call it whatever they want themselves.


I’m actually curious, is anyone on this board against gay marriage at all?