superman hates america

superman hates america


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    I’m 12 and I still don’t care about this.


    Or you could keep your citizenship and fight for the principles you described to make the country better Mr Superman sir.

    Fuck him he’s a cartoon character.


    no then he will fight the soviets in secret on some island and they will know it was america they will nuke america but he will stop it but oh no it’s a special nuke that stops electricity!

    and then he has to kill batman 🙁


    meh…Captain America is still around.

    what do you expect from an ILLEGAL ALIEN? 🙂 lol


    Even illegal aliens don’t work for free.

    Superman does! Or at least he did, who knows what he will set his fee to now.


    Captain America once dropped the suit and shield and changed his name (Nomad) because of American policies and who was in office. And he was named for the country!

    Luke Magnifico

    “These are my serious eyes”

    Maxwell Edison

    “Besides, my secret identity is still a US Citizen, so…”


    This is old news. He and the rest of the League talked about it a long time ago. That’s why the Justice League of America became Justice League International. They stand for more than America, they stand for the world.


    The Authority > JLI.


    So much butthurt over this.


    First Batman hires a muslim and now Superman turns into a liberal douche. It’s not butthurt, it’s our childrens being indoctrinated! What next? Catwoman dating a black guy? Aquaman getting his bestiality on with a dolphin? How am I going to explain to my child why Batman and Robin are raising a child with no mommy?


    Fuckin-A right! Costumed super-powered perverts have declared war on our way of life! My nephew walks around naked all the time now because “Dr. Manhattan didn’t have to wear clothes!”


    This is stupid. Someone should arrest his ass for not having a passport. That would be a good comic.


    He’s Superman.


    he doesn’t work for free….please….

    there is this trick with a lump of coal and his kung-fu death grip….

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