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Welcome to the future.


My dad has a collection of Trash 80 CoCos in a closet, thinking they will be worth something someday.

(and yeah, I used to think they were pretty cool instruments too, until I discovered Atari computers)

casemods UID# 667

They still can’t, really.

Sony p-series is about the only fully functioning laptop that can fit in your pocket that I know of.

Smartphones don’t count, unless they made some huge advancements I don’t know about.

Bar code scanner and other useless junk doesn’t count.


What about those digital watches that are also calculators?


Windows CE was a pretty complete fully functional operating system compared to the narrowed iOS/Win7 carp. I can fit a device running that into my pocket.

tiki god

the iOS is pretty decent, and android is just straight up awesome. pretty much anything you could do with your laptop 5 years ago you can do on the top of the line android handsets now. shit, you can play crysis on them all now.

teezy weezy

The things that you don’t know…

Don’t even go there.


And actually TRS-80s were fully functional computers, just because this model didn’t connect up to a monitor and display a GUI doesn’t mean it’s not a proper computer.


my god look at those sideburns

Luke Magnifico



This man made physics understandable for me. He also wrote some pretty cool fiction too.