you ever dance with the devil in the moon light

you ever dance with the devil in the moon light

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    Yes I have. Her name was Debbie.


    Obviously Sam Hamm and Warren Skaaren were listening to Slayer when they wrote the script.


    I still cannot get over that blotch of purpleness on the neck ever since I saw it on the DVD Extras. Been watching the movie for more than 15 years and never noticed the damn thing, now I can’t help but look at it every single fuckin’ time.


    Hey, look, a fat guy failing to play The Joker.

    Alec Dalek

    That has got to be one of the worst throw away lines in cinema. It’s meaning less and purposeless and isn’t even cool. I mean many it would sound good in the 80’s but time was running out when the movie was released. Fuck!


    Honestly, I agree with you.

    I would have rather we had seen Mark Hamil play him, even then.

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