petite girl on beach

fun size

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    Yes, jail bait usually does come in “funsize”


    Fun size is the only size jail bait can ever come in, hence the term “jail bait”


    Bitch needs to eat a damn cheeseburger.
    Women are meant to have curves, not bony protrusions.


    Damn straight cashmods! Men are psychologically inclined to like skinny woman, not woman with ‘curves’ AKA land whales. Just because American fat males cannot get a petite woman does not mean they don’t want them, only that they are forced to tell themselves that woman need ‘curves’ in order to deal with their own extra 30 kilos

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Men are not psychologically inclined to like women with the bodies of a 10-year-old boy. Well,obviously some men are. But you’re one of them, you should do yourself a favor and come out of the closet.


    As I said below, I think she looks really young and needs a chest, but to say that a skinny girl needs to gain fat is wrong. She looks very healthy, and I prefer more petite woman to the land cows.


    I think we’re psychologically inclined to like woman who look like they can handle childbirth and rearing. This would put us somewhere in the middle, which is where I like it. This girl looks healthy for her age, but I’m pretty sure she’ll have some fat in the right spots by the time she’s ready to pop out the childrens.




    So is someone like Marylin Monroe, or say Christina Hendricks “land whales?”

    I’m not talking 300lbs, but I’d rather have sex with a woman, not some child with long hair and the chest and ass of a pre-pubescent male.


    Honkies will deny.


    I’d give her my bony protrustion.

    God… how did no one make that joke?

    Is it still a joke if it’s true?




    If you’re getting crushed by women who are between 120 – 140lbs, I suggest you go back to the gym.


    How much do you think the girl in the pic weighs?


    Slightly less than your brain tumor.


    “More rarer”. I love when you boast about your intelligence in one post and then reveal your cum soaked brains in another.


    She looks a little young, but her body is rockin’ and hopefully in another 3 years she will have a little more of a chest, but damn I like the legs and tummy! She needs to keep that!

    i’m sure you guys have fun together, with your boner and last time virgin ass, in jail.


    I’m sorry, but remove the ridiculous over-sized glasses, and I wouldn’t bat an eye if this girl came home for a sleepover with my 11-year-old niece.


    What’re you? Gay?


    What’re you? A pedophile?


    She is clearly older than 13, which, by defenition, is not pedophilia.

    Pesos are sick. People who still like /developed/ younger girls? Not nearly as sick…if sick at all.

    Something about 15-19 being basically the same age developmentally.

    And 18 is “legal”. Tits don’t magically appear at 18, nor do hormones or sex appeal.

    Tl;dr typical ignorant pedo yelling name caller


    Agree about the pesos, I prefer dollars

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Why would they be sleeping over at your house?

    Not to learn how to USE A FUCKING COMMA THAT’S FOR SURE, A HOLE!

    btw your niece may be 11 but she fucks like a 14 year old. WHAMMY!


    Even “more rarer” in girls “over 18 inches?” Geez, what are you looking for, anyway?

    Plus, that’s a perfect example of both a bonebreaker and a “14 will get you 20.”

    After seeing you boys’ comments, I don’t have to wonder why I have a CCW license…


    She looks like she’s 14 years old! I look forward to seeing Casemeth on the sex offenders registry!!!


    You are so fucking dumb.


    No u r so fucking dumb

    No givesees backsies


    I’m rubber you’re glue!


    You’re spending so much time on /b going through child pron that you think it’s OK to fuck 12YOs


    Because being skinny, and liking girls smaller than me (so that I remain the dominant one in the relationship by size default like all men should) is the same thing as thinking it’s ok to fuck 12 year olds?

    I wonder how you came to that conclusion.


    No joke. If she is over the age of 14 I would be amazed. Leave it to MentalCasemode to be into little girls.



    That’s way too old for my tastes

    Your going to make me lose interest


    THERE IS SO MUCH GENERALIZATION ABOUT FEMALE BODIES HAPPENING UP IN HEEEERE. I’m that size. I am not unhealthy and I am not under 18 years old. I think it’s super wrong to say that skinny girls NEED to gain weight and bigger girls NEED to lose weight. why can’t people accept bodies for what they are? jesus. honestly, I think that this whole “real women” thing going on is ridiculous. do you realize how many times someone has said that I’m not a “real woman” because I don’t have 36+ inch hips? that’s ridiculous. I’m pretty sure having a… Read more »


    Dude. You’re hot.


    My definition and focus is not that narrow.

    I think I was just reacting poorly because this girl looks 14. You don’t look 14.


    Moutarde you probably think I am a total pig, but I actually agree with you.


    I think you make a fantastic point moutarde. Can I please see you naked now?


    I second that


    Go eat a sandwich, twig.


    hahahahaha I get that allllllll the time. my favourite things to eat are sandwiches, ironically. I don’t think that an extra sandwich will do anything!


    I was being ironic. Don’t eat more!


    If you are all that, then in my humble opinion, you are perfect. Fuck these wads. Present day wankers are too inundated with the brain washing that “real women” have meat on their bones. If you filleted these fat bitches, you’d find that’s not “meat” – just fat.


    AND SMALL BODIES ARE NOT LIMITED TO CHILDREN. god, you guys. it’s like you’re wearing retard goggles just so you can make fun of casemods.


    So, you don’t think the above female looks a bit young?


    Also, my opinions are my own, and not what I think the world “should” be. I’ve been with women all shapes and sizes, and like everyone (both male and female) I prefer woman who (according to casemods) are “land whales.”

    It’s amazing how one simple comment to blow up a whole thread.


    Oops, typed that wrong!
    “and like everyone (both mail and female) I prefer woman who (according to casemods) are “land whales””

    That was supposed to read something along the lines of my desire to be with so-called land whales is my own preference, much like everyone else has their own preferences.



    Jeez dude it’s like your nervous while on a date with her, yet your only behind your monitor replying to her comment.


    now you could have just said that in the beginning instead of judging every feature of small women and the girl in the picture.
    casemods has a bizarre interpretation of what a “land whale” is. I think fuller women are GORGEOUS and huge boobs are wonderful.


    she does look young. I know a lot of people who are over 18 and look young. I know this one girl who’s barely over 5 feet tall and has tiny features. if it wasn’t for all her tattoos you’d think that she’s 14. I get confused for a 15-16 year old all the time. I get weird drunken idiots asking me where my daddy is (yuck). I was mostly saying that having a small body (generally associated with being young) does not mean that you’re a child. casemods just happened to put up a picture of a girl who… Read more »


    Excuse me for having a preference in health and body size, which just happens to be defaulted in younger girls due to higher motabolism.

    Everyone views fat as average and that sickens me.


    metabolism is not defaulted to younger girls.


    In our defense, we are guys.

    Except casemods, because he is a little boy.


    That wouldnt be as funny or ironic coming from anyone else.

    I hope you realized that before posting.


    When someone as great as I posts, it’s only natural that everyone would seem like retards by comparison.

    It’s just judgment and observation based on a curve, that’s all.


    And the name calling doesn’t help any of your characters.

    But then again, I wouldn’t expect people of your “status” to be able to ingest constrictive criticism.

    I shouldnt expect troglodytes to be capable of any sort of advancement….silly me.


    Did you mean to type ‘constructive’? Ha, calling everyone else retards


    iPod touch 4th gen auto correct


    A good 80-90 % of females in Asia are petite.

    Different countries have different body types and different definitions of “healthy”.


    Human bodies are designed to survive the climates of the world. Which is why their is so much variety.


    Obesity isn’t a “survival technique”, it’s a health epidemic.




    Dude. Me and you. Asia. 2012.



    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Proof is in the life expectancy.

    Fat people live much shorter and less fulfilling lives.

    Its a lifestyle thing too. Americanized Asians gets just as fat as white chicks. Not as fat as black chicks though. That shit takes genetic advantage.


    Add me to the “looks too young” club. And for the body size issue: healthy looks best, and that’s in between too fat and too skinny. Walk the middle path, guys.


    I really hate it when a girl has this pudge sack that is like a bag of fat.

    It shows the girl doesn’t work out OR eat healthy.

    It’s REALLY disgusting when the girl is doggystyle and it’s hanging down.


    That’s not what he’s talking about. You can be athletic and not too skinny. You can also be athletic and thick, it’s just muscle instead of fat. Also, the girl was doggy style because she doesn’t want to look at your face.


    Don’t worry, we weren’t assuming you were having sex with a girl

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’LL FUCK HER IN FRONT OF ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    68 comments on what is just a normal hot girl.

    my penis either way


    Enjoy your 20 to life

    Dear Lady’s and Gent’s,

    Hello Children,

    thank you all for this entertainment.

    That’s still a very interesting conversation in this therapy group.

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