Free your mind

Just pissed because I didn’t get fucking Raptured. How dare a billboard lie to me.

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    this is funny, because all 3 of those religions have made awesome contributions to civilization in the realms of math, words, law, culture and science.

    step out side the box of labels, folks. and let’s do this thang.


    And also held them back.


    Exactly. Think how much further these contributors to society could have gone, if they weren’t in danger of being killed or tortured, lest they discover the “wrong” thing. (One of those “wrong” things being that religion itself was holding them back.) Galileo being only the most egregious example. How much earlier would Darwin’s theory have been developed, if society wasn’t suffused with the mistaken notion that they knew all the answers already to those fundamental questions? How many human beings were killed because they were the wrong religion, and by dying were unable to contribute to society? Cathedrals are nice.… Read more »


    You say Galileo? I say Newton and Copernicus.
    You say Darwin? I say Mendel.



    Get it right, Skat.
    The pyramids were not built by slaves.

    I am not a religious person by any means, but quoting misinformation to further your argument is crap.

    I totally agree that way too many people have died in the name of religion. But if they hadn’t, then the world population would probably twice as high as it is now.

    Ever thought of that?


    I agree with you about the pyramids, but as for war and population size, I disagree. People fight over 2 things primarily. Ideology (which would still exist, free of religion) and resources. Since population growth would force people to seek more resources, we would still have war. Removing religion doesn’t mean that we’re going to see eye to eye with everyone either. We’re just going to have different reason’s then we do now. I do agree with puulaahi and Skat that religious beliefs have held us back in general. Religion isn’t what discovered math or science. People did, and they… Read more »


    The Roman Catholic ban on contraception sure isn’t helping your argument


    I propose that Darwins theory couldnt be developed any earlier.

    Everything happens in its proper order.

    The little steps we’ve taken have led to an accepted view of science, and the heretical theories now have weight.

    Saying now that religion is as important as science, is comparable to the people of old saying the earth is round. Nobody will believe those raving lunatics until we come up with some hard evidence.

    Would you have believed Galileo’s claims back in the day? Or would you be right at the front of the cue to throw vegetables at him?


    Agreed, Anadin.

    Everything happens for one reason or another in the order that it does. I am not a person to just take one side of an argument. Faith is not a black and white type situation. Like everything else in this world, there are many shades or grey in between. We just have to keep an open mind.



    We romanticise people like Galileo, like everybody else was unimaginative and doing as they are told, when this tearaway Galileo comes up with all these crazy ideas – but SHOCK! – the church persecute him.

    Realistically there was probably scores of people with wacky ideas, putting strange fantasies into peoples minds. We know how dangerous ideas can be. The only way the church could keep people in line was to squash these revolutionary ideas.

    Thank fuck we have science to guide us now.


    “Would you have believed Galileo’s claims back in the day?”

    They accepted the Earth as spherical on empirical grounds in Aristotle’s day, if it wasn’t for the church Galileo wouldn’t have had to prove it again.


    “by dying were unable to contribute to society”

    By dying they DID contribute to society. Thats the most many of us can hope to accomplish.

    The very fact we can have discussions like this today are a direct result of people dying for their ideas and beliefs. So fuck anybody that wants to piss on other peoples ideas.


    Yes Nate I totally feel you there.

    It is unfortunate some people wish to take any spiritual teaching at face value, and over-react to a book that tells them to do / not do things.
    You can just read it and make up your own mind y’know peeps.
    You don’t HAVE to do anything.
    The only person holding your mind hostage is YOU.


    That’s right, and I will cut off your thumb to send to your parents.

    I’m sure you understand, it’s just business.

    Christopher Bischoff Fincher

    “Religion” didn’t do shit. The measured study of the cosmos advanced human civilization.


    You cant study shit without sufficient mental coherence and analytical skills.

    Much of that comes from ‘religion’


    How on earth does religion promote mental coherence?

    How on earth does religion promote analytical skills?


    Try to approach it as a study of the mind, not a series of tales to be taken literally.


    Fine. Don’t answer my question 🙁


    Ok. One example is buddhist ideals. They learn to concentrate on one thing until their mind is as sharp as a knife. They meditate on simple impossible questions and explore their inner being. Now thats a real mental workout. You can apply similar reasoning to prayer – which is only really a meditation. Answers from ‘god’ may come from your inner being. But call it what you will. Catholic Rosary beads remind me of meditation also, a way of training your mind to focus and not meander all over the place. Dream interpretation is rife in the bible. Before we… Read more »


    Okay, I’ll give you that those are two examples to the effect of what you were saying… Almost. You can do meditate without religion, however. Also, I’m not quite sure any of the practices you mentioned count as being analytical. Sure, focused thinking is admirable, but it doesn’t require you to analyze the subject in a scientific manner. I’m not quite sure what you mean when you say a mind is sharp as a knife, but if such a mind is focused on inane things like “If a tree falls in the forest…” or “Where does the first go when… Read more »


    You’ll give me any examples I give because I am right, thankyou very much 😀 And given enough time and motivation I could fill pages with examples. YES You can meditate without religion! I can see your getting the idea now. But without meditation to compare it to what would you call it? Religion has given us motivation and structure to hone these practices of self improvement. When I do my dishes I am meditating. If you look into zen buddhism you’ll see menial tasks are often sought after for the calming / focusing effect they have on the brain.… Read more »


    But without meditation to compare it to what would you call it?

    Compare meditation to meditation? What are you talking about? You did understand that religion wasn’t required, right?

    I ignored the rest of the post since it was just New Age babble. Sorry.


    Then you’re an idiot and I give up.

    You clearly have trouble identifying ‘new age babble’.


    Thomas Aquinas.



    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Logically fallacy. Correlation does not imply causation.


    What does Areosmith have to do with religion?


    What does Aerosmith have to do with religion?

    The sad thing is the person who made this is the most closed minded of all and is too stupid to see the irony of them even thinking of making this picture. Religion is like “big business”. Simpleton dipshits like to blame large faceless organizations so nobody bothers calling them out on being completely full of shit. If anyone does ask them what they’re talking about they can just ramble on and on until the reasonable person loses interest. Then hippyfag can go back to being a leech on whatever country they’re in and their parents. Nobody is enlightened beyond… Read more »


    Lots of people are enlightened beyond religion, but someone like yourself would quite obviously not understand the reasons why.

    That’s why there are religious people.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’m not baptised and you’re wrong and you have shown you suffer from exactly what I stated.

    You’re not smarter than billions of other people and thousands of years of history. Seriously you’re just making an ass of yourself trying to win your silly little argument.

    No one ever in history has ever or could be enlightened beyond religion and people who think they are just end up looking dumb. The lack of real answers is the only fact and science is about as sensible as religion.


    I’m more educated and informed than the vast majority of those that have gone before me, and you.

    You depend more on science than you do on religion, which makes dirty, dirty lies of your words.

    Don’t lie for Jesus, he wouldn’t appreciate it.


    But but if we don’t sin he died for nothing!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    That didn’t even make any sense.

    You’re not smarter than anyone here and have never made a valid point.

    Casemods is your superior in every way.


    Aww. That really hurts, coming from you, Navi.

    Casemods has his moments, true. I like how he shows how almost everyone on MCS is trollbait. People make comments like “this dumb thing is almost as dumb as casemods!” and get plenty of thumbs up, believing that’s a sign of their cleverness.

    It’s really a sign of a lack of originality.


    “No one ever in history has ever or could be enlightened beyond religion”

    Can we swap the word ‘religion’ for ‘sprituality’ – then people who haven’t had the benefit (ahem) of organised religion can be enlightened too?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I think you’ve missed the point.

    But swap away.


    You mean one can only be enlightened through organised religion? Dude that sucks.

    Take for instance a tribe in the rainforest. No other human contact. Their shaman is most likely enlightened. Nobody can eat that many magic mushrooms and NOT get enlightened. Modern organised religion with all its traditions and bureaucracy is not a pre-requisite for evolution of the spirit.


    I wear tight clothing, high heeled shoessssssss
    It doesn’t mean that I’m a prostitute, no no!
    I like rap music, wear hip hop clothes
    That doesn’t mean that I’m out sellin’ dope no no no….


    “I’m more educated and informed than the vast majority of those that have gone before me, and you.”

    I laughed.


    I laughed when your god failed to rapture you Saturday.

    Perhaps that’s a sign that there are no Christians worthy of going to heaven. Who knows!


    I got raptured, but came back to insult casemods one last time


    Try again.

    To paraphrase Dr. King, “Free at last, thanks to free thought, free at last.

    Religion and science have been at ware sense day one. Slowly science is winning. Because of what it is to religion, the evolution battle will probably be the last great battle between the two. Creation is the foundation of most imaginary, invisible friend religions. When evolution takes its place in all of the science world, religion, as we know it will be near its end.

    And if I may say so, the sooner, the better.