Quit after 29 years

Do it.

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    Or don’t start.


    You haven’t quit. You’re *quitting*. The only mark of a true quitter is death; if you never spark up another cigarette again, even until death, then you have successfully quit. Until that point, you’re just quitting smoking because you could theoretically have a smoke at any time between now and then. So get off your high fucking horse and accept the reality that rest of your life will be a shitty test of your already diminished willpower. Freak.


    @centernegative- My guess is that very likely you don’t have any real experience quitting anything, and that you’re simply regurgitating the AA/NA perspective, and being a dick about it. I further predict that you’re a child, maybe 16. The other possibility is that you’re bitter because you miss a drug you’re still addicted to. In either case, accept the reality that theoretically you don’t know shit.

    Congrats on your quitting, Mr. House, sir.


    Wow, age troll. How 1996 of you. So, next comes the part where you compare me to Hitler, right? The immaturity you’re sensing’s all on your end, buddy, and I simply understand better than you the grammatical realities and temporal mechanics of saying you’ve quit anything with the intent of conveying any kind of bullshit permanent success. Dr House, you are not a success story yet. It’s that simple. You’re in a holding pattern, and on a long enough timeline, all successes become failures. Deal with it and hope you die before you relapse so you can leave a gloat… Read more »


    Stop being such a koi Asian and accept that there are people with more willpower than you out there.


    I don’t doubt that. But willpower is not an absolute, and it’s not a physical constant of the Universe. It cannot measured or its outcome predicted. So, saying “I quit” with absolution is tantamount to saying “I’ve seen the future and this is hoe it turned out,” which is pure bullshit. You’re not a fucking deity, and your word is not your will. You are not master of your own destiny and you cannot account for every variable or predict every possible path laid out before you. You’re an imperfect being doomed to failure in all things. Maybe not now,… Read more »


    Wow…”temporal mechanics”? “On a long enough timeline, all successes become failures”? “Willpower is not an absolute/physical constant of the Universe”?

    It’s like Dr. Who trying to jerk off with the Point of View Gun.


    Good for you! I quit just less then 5 years ago and it makes a difference. All the stuff they say is true. Weirdest part was how food started tasting better. That being said, if I was driving down the road and a mushroom cloud suddenly bloomed in the distance, I’d pull over and buy a pack :).


    I’ve been tobacco free since May 4th. It’s my first time trying to quit. So far, so good.