Dune troll

Read the original 6 books some time ago. From what I’ve heard, stopping with them was a wise decision.

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    yeah, Herbert Jr > Tolkien Jr


    Read Dune. Wasn’t too impressed with it.

    Luke Magnifico



    Much like HHG, stick with what the creator wrote.


    this comic is total bullshit. i am a die hard Duniverse fan, and i think that the Herbert/Anderson team did just fine. I will note that Frank is an extremely better writer, and the first 6 books were the best (God Emperor FTW). no, they don’t measure up to Frank’s awesomeness, but they didnt ruin the story at all. for me, they made it perfect. i just discovered Dune like 5 years ago, and finished Chapterhouse, and was able to move right into the Butlerian Jihad, Machine Crusade, and the Battle of Corrin. then Sandworms came out, and took up… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico


    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I distrust any series that goes over 4 books. There’s no such thing as perfect fictional universe, without plot-holes, contradictions or inconsistencies. As a series is dragged out, all the flaws become cumulative and increase exponentially, eventually overtaking the positive qualities. And authors can’t escape this because they’re trapped by the constraints of the story. They can’t really think of anything *too* original because then it wouldn’t fit in with the rest of the series. So the narrative is trapped in a box is filling up with flaws.


    The first Dune is my go to book for amazing Sci-fi, The sequels That Frank Herbert Wrote all fit into his vision. I do have a hard time believing that the 7th in the series fits with the rest merely because Herberts’ son had to write prequels to even get it to make sense. If you read the 7th book without the prequels it would make no fucking sense.


    House Atreides and the 2 sequels to that were ok, but the rest can go die in a fire.


    I know they have flaws.

    I still love them all.


    I like them all. The last few feel out of place with the originals but I still enjoyed them.

    I really liked the first dune that he wrote but never published. It was very different from the one that he rewrote into his masterpiece series. Spice came from underground plants and I forget how the worms tied in.


    I dunno. I actually really like them all. Well. Okie…so I starting reading Dune about like…8 years ago, but for some reason, completely fell off the wagon after Children of Dune, read God Emperor about a year ago, ended up reading Butlerian Jihad, then the Machine Crusade, Paul of Dune, then finally I found Heretics and Chapterhouse and just read those this month. So no I haven’t actually read them all (Yet) But I really liked the ones by his son and Anderson, and I’ve never understood why people hate their books so much. But I do reserve final judgement… Read more »


    Because there are so many heads.


    This is the most true post ever. Brian Herbert and his friend are hacks. They can spin a good yarn, but they can’t reach the beautiful poetic insanity that Frank reached.





    Only the original three books were truly good, in that they were some of the best things ever written. It went sharply downhill from there. Herbert just got too obsessed with writing about sex and he had to invent spaceships and shit around it to make it seem coherent. Now I haven’t read any post-Frank Herbert books, but “Paul of Dune” was actually quite good.

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