Conan The Barbarian 3D

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    I’m not sure Anonymous Muscles over there can carry this movie.

    We shall see.

    casemods UID# 667

    No arnold = no movie.

    Insanely Rational

    You guys do remember that back in 1982, Ahnold was a completely unknown muscle-head who could barely speak English, right? It was Conan that made Ahnold a star, not the other way around.

    Of course, this one does look like it will suck gigantic donkey testicles, though.


    “Conan” was an excuse for men to look at Arnolds body and behold it in wonder, and to be able to do it without feeling threatened sexually. Its amazing, really.


    The new trailer. Looks sooo awesome.

    All you movie hipsters can hate all you want. But the rest of us know that your looking forward to this as well.

    Paul Brennan

    It is good but can’t get behind Conan actor hes just not muscular enough. and while his acting is a step above Arnie’s not worth the trade, but what do i know :p


    Looks fair enough. But…

    No Mako.



    Trailer looks cool, but in every comic, magazine or novel I’ve ever read starring our Hyborian friend, he never had this ninja like agility and fighting skills. He was described as “quick as a panther” at times but was mainly a slashing, hacking berserker. I’m still going ’cause Conans the shit. Read the new stories in Dark Horses new mini called “Conan: Road Of Kings”. TAKEN FROM DARK HORSES WEBSITE- “Conan: Road of Kings picks up the barbarian on the Vilayet Sea, at nearly the easternmost edge of Robert E. Howard’s map of the Hyborian age, and has twelve breathless… Read more »


    A piece of me died when I watched that trailer. Why do they these days have to defile everything that used to be good.

    They didn’t even bother hiring a bodybuilder to play as Conan.