Awesome HTPC case

Thinking about getting this for my dad, to match the cherry colored furniture in the living room.

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    Move out of your father’s house. Leave him along you leech.


    I like everything about it except that horrible blingy front plate.


    Does it play 8-tracks?


    Somehow the word cherry just fits with the handle casemods. Not really sure why that is. Can’t quite put my finger on it.


    Casemods posting about casemods? Unheard of!


    That’s the one ?

    this company should sue you since until you mentioned you liked it, I considered getting one for my dad. But now I look at it and all I can think is “wow, what kind of douche would want this ?”

    casemods strikes again…


    Well then your semi- in luck, because I remembered that the tv has a USB port and a proprietary wifi dongle that’s costs $100 and I bought that for him instead.

    Anyone who still needs an htpc needs to upgrade their tv.


    isnt there a section for you to post this mindless dribble in? oh yeah, its called now post in it, instead of on the main section, you retard….oh thats right, you are tiki, or you are sucking him off all the time, so you can post this lame ass 4chan reject crap….