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what about you

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    I’m busy waiting for the next State and Federal election cycles and volunteering my help for the candidates i support. I can do this without fear of being assassinated by my own government and military. While you are busy out on the streets throwing rocks i’m peacefully informing the public on my position without fear of imprisonment. Hopefully by working with other like-minded people i will be part of the force that facilitates change within my government and nation.

    You can keep your simplified image macros.


    Based on your posts on this forum, I know I probably don’t agree with everything you do, but I appreciate the attitude you take.

    For what it’s worth, I completely agree with no one.


    Well thank you Mr. Sambo. I maintain the same position as well. I have yet to find a leader of any sort who i completely support. And you will find that if you are courteous and respectful towards me then i will gladly be the same towards you. Unless someone is actively trying to harm another human i do my best to harbor no ill will towards my fellow man. I don’t care if you are an atheist or a muslim or if you are a jew or nigger (yeah i said it). If you fit into my loosely defined… Read more »


    done in one?

    wait no…you forgot the part where we CAN and DO safely and peacefully talk shit about, protest and expose our government while naked, on a bed at home, with WoW minimized because the people in charge don’t block the websites in our fucked up moonscape.
    So why do I need to wear a bread-hat and throw molotovs? (besides it being fun)

    Luke Magnifico

    I believe we were given strict instructions on whether or not to pay attention to the man behind the curtain.


    SHHHHHHHHH…(there is no curtain)

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    What a gay ass picture. Ya they really banded together to fight the good fight. lol Damned first world teenagers with their lack of being fucking retards and protesting for attention. How dare they appreciate what they have and not be a nuisance! Egypt is worse off than ever and every country that followed in its footsteps got nowhere. How’s that whole Libya thing going? I called that disaster from the start. Protesting is for self important assholes and retarded foreigners. Intelligent people know better than to have to resort to standing around crying for attention. This picture sucks more… Read more »


    To summarize Mr. Butthead’s comment –

    Just shut the fuck up and do what the dictators tell you and everyone will be better off. This “freedom” crap is really overrated anyway.

    And everyone I don’t like is a homosexual.


    Anything is possible when you smell like Old Spice and not a fatty. I’m in a gym.


    Where the fuck’s morgan freeman??

    Anyway I watched rambo 4 last night, which i’m pretty sure was political somehow, so i’ve done my part

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