military rain

military rain

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    Did they create a brass and flechette bazooka, just to confuse people?


    It’s good for distracting terrorists


    Prolly a SAW above him, though i knew a marine who had brass casings rain on him when a helicopter overheard was firing its cannon.


    Unspend bullets wtf. (middle right)


    If there’s a jam in the weapon, you simply charge it again to cycle through the rounds to try and keep firing. Hence the unspent munition.
    Nothing like hot brass falling in between your armor and skin to make your day complete.


    Perhaps just a dud that is manually cleared, but that is still a metric crapload of brass being dumped all at once. The operator would have to be awfully fast on the reflexes to recognize a stoppage, cycle his weapon and keep firing before the rest of his brass has hit the ground.
    An M134 on a pintle perhaps? A minigun will eject an unfired cartridge just as readily as fired brass…


    might not even be anything getting fired could be the blast from the at-4 kicking up a mess looks like a training are could be enough brass for that to happen


    Perhaps the mechanism is poorly calibrated or flawed and skips the occasional round.I’ve seen it happening a couple of times.