liberal elitism bias

liberal elitism bias

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    RACE WAR!!!
    RACE WAR!!!!!


    Republican humor is fall-down funny! Good to see that GOP attack money is being put to good use.


    Do they pay you directly, Tiki? 🙂


    You can make money doing this here? Damn, I got to get busy . . .


    Intelligence != Common Sense.

    Anecdotal evidence: One morning, during undergraduate labs, one of the assistants placed a working light bulb on a desk, with a sign saying “Caution: Hot”. About 80% of the physicists entering the lab touched the bulb (including myself).


    Completely un-related.

    Buy cool story otherwise, bruah


    At least Obama doesn’t speak like he has down’s syndrome.


    1. He doesn’t speak at all. His teleprompter does.

    2. What’s with liberals and down’s syndrome people lately? You guys need a new way to insult people – seriously.


    Do you think any modern president writes his own speeches?

    Well, Obama might have written this one (and it’s not on a tele-prompter):


    What’s with right wingers and the teleprompter? You guys need a new way to insult people – seriously.

    No seriously, Alice, stop being an idiot.


    Your an idiot. I’m not talking about writing speeches.

    I’m talking about delivering them. You know? Like when you open your mouth and form audible words?

    Thats called SPEAKING.


    One them these two people can get the big wurds out.
    One of them can’t.
    Ignore the trolls peop….hum….I must be kidding here.


    This is the best pic you could find to illustrate your point?
    He’s putting the umbrella over the gate. Are you angry because he’s tall?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    ^^THIS times 1000.


    Ummm, it’s easier to quickly slip the umbrella under the gate. Tall or not.


    A gentleman would go through a bit of discomfort to keep his lady dry.


    Hindsight is amazing, isn’t it!


    So, consideration for others ( Going through a little extra hassle to keep his wife sheltered from the rain rather than taking the easy way ) = stupidity?

    Nice of you to illustrate where the REAL Republican values lie…


    It’s just a baby factory. It’ll still work if it gets wet.




    intelligence in one area does not mean intelligence in other areas being a fighter pilot with a grasp of aerodynamics doesn’t mean your going to be good at anything other than that.


    Yeah, fighter pilots are incredibly stupid and unable to do anything but fly super-sonic jets.


    Just like footballers are otherwise incredibly stupid and should not be put in front of a running camera end presented with a microphone. Sorry if that wasn’t the answer you were looking for.


    just sayin I have met a lot of engineers that are excellent engineers but only mediocre at everything else


    Oh come on now….
    Pic of Bush trying to open a door that is obviously locked in 3….2……1


    Some believe that being a beauty pageant winner demonstrates the skills to a governor or a member of the federal executive branch. Some believe it should, but one person has demonstrated otherwise.


    Does having an anonymous comment mean your casemods?

    Luke Magnifico

    And a monkey went to space, what’s your point.


    No he really is a moron whereas the other guy is just another brother in the struggle.


    Flight sim games are boring.

    Jac H

    It’s not an umbrella, it’s a Derp-Con swatter.

    The media (made up of retards) called Bush a moron and succeeded in polluting and perverting public opinion.

    Those same retards think president dumbshit is a great guy despite his succession of lies and failures.

    Put it his way: all you left wing asshats think like all the women on The View. You and some middle aged, uneducated feminist hags share your political perspective. That’s how right you are. You are as right as Whoopi Goldberg.

    At some point you’re all going to have to concede that Obama is a joke. He seems intent on that.

    I would totally smash Whoopi Goldberg


    Whoopi Goldberg is awesome!

    You are starting to sound like Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    If I start looking like her I’m going to dildo in front of the mirror until I starve to death.


    No, I assure you, I thought Bush was a Moron long before he became president.

    Anyway, did the media make it so he couldn’t string 5 words together without putting his foot in his mouth? Did the media give him the wonderful solution to the impending deficit of throwing big checks at all the top CEOs of the companies that created the mess in the first place? Did the media give him the idea of going after Osama Bin Laden by attacking a country that hated his ( Osama’s ) guts?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You’re trying to combat that the media fed you your opinion by retreading over your media fed opinion?


    The fact that obama is a dick does not change the fact that bush is an asshole and an idiot. Stop identifying with political parties, stop trying to defend their figureheads.
    Obama is a much better speaker than bush, he is a smooth slimy jerk whereas bush was a blundering moronic embarrassment.




    Who gives a fuck? Seriously, they are both blundering idiots.

    El Captian

    Tricky, but I was able to masterbate to these comments. RON PAUL 2012!


    Nothing changes until Washington D.C itself changes. Until then no matter who goes into office is a puppet one way or another.




    He he he he….. (I’m the one who did the original poster….)


    Aw, how cute. The birth certificate release kill anything else you had to bitch about so now you wanna see school transcripts?

    Whatever you have to say, it can’t be WORSE than Bush’s straight D’s, so “worst case scenario” they have the same educational level. So find something more intelligent to bitch about that would actually have a point.


    look at it this way, maybe he’ll release his transcripts a week before he wipes out the rest of Alqeda.


    If by straight “D”s you mean straight lines of “C”…..


    On an equally important note,
    I haven’t decided whether I would do Michelle. At the risk of being placed on some FBI watch list, on most days she looks like a Klingon with an over-bite. But then sometimes, she gets all dolled-up, and i’m like, “Hellooooooo Nurse!”



    Two thoughts.

    1. I never thought Bush was dumb. He got a lot done that he wanted to. I just questioned his priorities.

    2. If Obama was a pilot, people would just find a way to complain about it. Idiot Teabaggers would drive around with bumper stickers that say WHERE’S THE PILOT’S LICENSE?


    someone doesn’t like Obama. racist much?! do they pay you for this?! Bush was a complete idiot. U MAD BRO?


    Ok Libtards, lets go down the list and compare the two since you all seem so hellbent to blame Bush for very wrong that has ever been done and every chick you failed to score with.. Between Bush and Obama, which president has been… (1)Associated with a terrorist? (2) Said he sat in a church for 20 years and did not hear the racist reverend scream about black liberation theology. (3)Hidden his college transcripts and has spent millions of dollars to keep them concealed. (4)Forced a overhaul of healthcare despite the vast majority of Americans screaming no, all while refusing… Read more »


    Yep, the 14.3 trillion dollar debt is totally Obama’s fault. Bush had nothing to do with it.

    I see you have all the intellectual dishonesty inherent in the political trolls on this forum.


    Clearly you watch too much Fox News. Also the Cold War is over fucking warhawk. Also, military service is a stupid reason to pick someone for presidency.


    Did you know that I just associated you with an infamous Mexican animal sex ring?

    I guess this means that you’re a pervert.


    3- where’s the prerequisite that he has to show his transcripts 4- actually, 2/3 of the population was for a single payer system, and almost 80% back it also 6- what part of peak oil don’t you get? 7- there needs to be a system put in place so another gulf oil spill never happens. The current standards and procedures were written in the 70’s, when they drilled only a few hundred feet. Now we’re drilling at an unprecedented depth and we still have no good way to stop another catastrophe when it will happen 8- Reagen took us from… Read more »


    4- that was 80% of physicians.


    I didn’t feel the need to address the whole thing, but you laid waste to that shit. Kudos.


    “(1)Associated with a terrorist?”

    Do you mean Obama sounds like Osama,

    or do you mean

    Bush family has ties with bin Ladin family going back decades?


    On the other hand, if by associate you mean find bin Ladin and blow his brains out then, yes, you might be thinking of Obama.

    Robert Spam

    I’m not a fan of Obama BECAUSE I’m a communist! Please, stop ruining the good name of us communist by associating it with Obama. He’s much too conservative to be a commie!

    So fuck you!

    Mr Soup

    Crikey. You’re a bit of a twat, aren’t you?


    Yeah, he fighter-piloted right in there looking for him…


    I want to see the transcripts of the people who voted teabagger compared to the transcripts of progressive voters.


    We’re only allowed to scrutinize liberals. Teabagers are Real Americans who are above reproach.

    Do you know how sad it is to say this, considering I am probably more right wing than actual teabaggers?

    Alec Dalek

    There’s nothing wrong with being right wing. Just don’t be heartless.


    didn’t bush crash a fighter plane? just sayin…

    Robert Spam

    I’m not in the business of defending Obama but the implication is Obama couldn’t fly a plane if he tried. For this accusation to be true, tiki god would have to provide evidence that Obama tried to learn to fly a plane but failed.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to get all elitist intellectual on you and shit!


    White Pride World Wide!
    I love this blog.
    Keep it coming, my white brother!


    Seems to be some confusion here between intelligence (roughly equivalent to ‘problem solving capability’) and hand-eye co-ordination. Football players have hand-eye co-ordination but not many of them are smart enough to be a law professor. Most of them could get in the Air National Guard.
    Besides, is there any evidence that Bush ever actually flew a plane?