at least he’s not bush

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    Still looking at the Experimental Kitchen womans ass.


    Your priorities are in the right place.

    That is one nice looking pickle slicer.


    So what narrative are we going with here?

    Is it that Obama’s are radical socialist muslim, or Bush lite?

    He can’t be both. Pick one or the other then complain about it.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Maybe different people have different opinions.


    He’s a lizard person!


    Good Grief,

    The US political images here over the past few weeks might make me think someone is trolling for content. I am just here to watch you burn.


    Current US political discourse is essentially trolling, so it fits with the times.

    Afghanistan is an undeclared war?

    No it isn’t. With all the easy shots to take at this loser we don’t need to start making new ones up. That’s for the lefty loons to do.


    Sure it is. Only Congress has the constitutional authority to declare war and they did not declare war on Afghanistan – or the Taliban.


    Technically speaking, we haven’t declared war since World War 2, and the US has only declared war 5 times total.

    But Congress did authorize military action.


    So magnus, now that you’re saying this, you’re going to stop being the M[C]S resident compulsive liar?


    Everyone else declared war on them a long time ago.

    Canada has been in Afghanistan for quite a few years. Just before the USA and still there now. Denmark too.

    Other people can declare wars. Like countries with competent world leaders.


    So you’re saying Bush was incompetent??


    Alec Dalek

    When there’s an idiot in the White House, all the smart people whine. Now that theirs a smart guy in the White House, all the idiots whine. It’s pretty simple when you think about it (if you can).


    boy this site is starting to get lame


    fuck off casemods


    Well, I will say this at least about this post: at least the complaints about President BOb are real, verifiable and relevant, unlike the other 99% of the BS that gets spouted about him.


    Except that he didn’t start the war in Afghanistan, he inherited it from Bush and he’s been trying to get our as fast as he can. And he never authorized the ATF’s fiasco in Mexico – that was their own fuck-up.


    you are a fucking cunt.


    NO U.


    All anonymous posters are casemods… and a cunt.


    It all comes down to cunt.


    BUT when he did that speech he walked in with the hulk-hogan theme music playing.

    That was cool.


    He is declaring Areas 51, 67 and 184 off limits to all Americans except to extra-terrestrials and chickens. He has spent 483.2 million to curtail the non-winning battle against obesity in your youth and is using his wife for cover. (In fact, there is some information that Navy SEALS are hunting for the King, Wendy and Ronald right now.) He will be travelling to the Ireland in May 2011 to search for his Irish roots on his mothers side in order to curb the chatter about being a Kenyan. He is spending somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2.6 million in… Read more »


    If you’re got a resume I think I can get you an interview with Fox’s creative writing team, also known as their research team.


    I just find it humorous that you guys fall for Tiki’s trolls every time –


    A fair number of us actively engage in them.


    I love this site, have been a lurker since the early early days, and don’t want to leave.. about the only place on the web for funny pics. But like when we went through the jet fighter fetish, this is getting incredibly annoying and distracting from the stress relief I come here for. I know its a lot to ask that tiki create a NSFW-style subsite for politically “flammable” material, but perhaps a WP plugin to block keywords would allow those of us who just don’t care/don’t want to add to our lives already copious amount of stress worrying about… Read more »


    ^^ That