That’s Not Beer

This is Lyoto Machida, MMA fighter and former UFC light heavyweight champion.

Machida is notable for two things. One, his primary style of fighting is Shotokan Karate, which was considered useless in MMA until Machida came along.

(Machida isn’t the first Karate Master to succeed in MMA. Several MMA fighters, Bas Rutten and Georges St Pierre, come from Karate backgrounds. The difference is they tend to fight more like a boxer or muay thai fighter, while Machida uses a distinctly Karate approach.)

The second notable thing is Machida believes in urine therapy. Every morning Machida drinks a glass of his own urine. He picked up this practice from his father, Yoshizo Machida, who believes that drinking urine improves health. Here Machida can been seen drinking a glass of urine with his father.

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    I wouldn’t be all that surprised. Japanese culture is a strange awesome one. Especially for a westerner.


    inb4 bear grylls.


    Is it his urine or his fathers that he’s drinking? Because if it’s his fathers, that’s just wrong.


    Let’s not assume there’s thinking behind their decisions.


    So does Juan Manuel Marquez. He was a pretty good boxer that took a lot of money to fight Floyd Mayweather, and even more when Mayweather came in way overweight.

    The idea behind it is that you don’t want to miss out on essential vitamins and minerals that you piss out. Trust me, you need to remember this for the zombie apocalypse. And don’t forget the ice.


    So do astronauts, but it’s purified.

    Maxwell Edison

    So do Fremen.


    If you’ve ever studied the urinary system you would realize how absurd this actually is. But it isn’t about that though. It’s a cultural thing and that’s all that really matters.


    Bear Grylls doesn’t see a problem.


    I feel sorry for his girlfriend…


    Yeah, I’ve heard she gets pissed off about it…


    Lyoto taught Grylls everything he knows.


    Recycling is to be commended.


    I really don’t see why people are comparing Lyoto to Bear.

    Drop Bear in a fight with Lyoto and Bear might do fine. He’s fit and former SAS. SAS skills don’t just leave you, for your information. Lyoto has been trained for a sport and has trained for getting points in a ring. Bear has been trained to KILL in the SAS.

    Given UFC rules, Lyoto will most likely win. Otherwise, who knows.

    Plus, drop Lyoto in the wilderness and he’ll be a goner in a couple of days.


    LOL And what do you know about me?

    Do you know anything about me or my experiences?

    Yeah, didn’t think so.

    BTW Hate to say this, but it appears as though I need to. Learn to read and comprehend sentences please. Your ignorance is showing.


    And your thin skin reveals everything –or, at least, everything we need to know.

    Luke Magnifico

    Tell me, are you an automotive engineer?

    Luke Magnifico

    But if you saw two cars on the street, you could make a fairly educated comparison, right?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Luke wins!

    Educated guess to the rescue.

    Sambo is a retard. Rhetoric? No his is very much stating points that back his opinion. You’re just being a cunt as usual.

    It amazes me how a cunt like you can’t see he’s a cunt. You cunt.

    Luke Magnifico

    You’re a good man, Magnus. A damn good man.


    ian: “drop Lyoto in the wilderness and he’ll be a goner in a couple of days.”

    Will a film crew, hotel room and a cell phone be provided?


    Do some research man.

    The show was never meant to showcase Bear living in the wilderness all by himself just because he could.

    The studio would never allow that.

    The show was only created to have Bear (who was once an SAS Survival Instructor) demonstrate some life saving techniques depending on what part of the world he was in.

    If you watched that show and was surprised that he had support behind the camera, then your a dumbass.


    lol dude. Lay off the UFC man.


    I love how you equate “watching TV” and “doing research”.

    I’ll stick to watching shows where the survivor guy actually lives like it’s depicted on screen.


    The only comparison was the drinking of urine. Nothing more. Nothing less.