athiests in foxholes

athiests in foxholes

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    I go out looking for foxholes to be an athiest in

    casemods UID# 667

    “there is no religion for idiots, but there are idiots who have religion” isn’t a fact about religion, it’s a fact about idiots – king CM

    casemods UID# 667

    well said


    If you dare face death without some comforting fantasy, you’re braver than the Christian.



    There are people out there who are putting their lives on the line knowing fully that there is no heaven or hell or afterlife.

    They realize this, and go forth regardless.

    Atheists are braver than theists because we don’t need a imaginary insurance policy in order to sacrifice ourselves.

    Insanely Rational

    Let’s turn that around: does the fact that Muslim extremist are willing to kill themselves in suicide bombings prove that they truly believe in tenets of their religion? Actually, no. You’d think that they are willing to die because they truly believe that dying as a result of a battle against “infidels” will result in countless rewards in heaven. But, isn’t the primary motivation for terrorism to avenge the deaths caused by the “evil Zionist Americans and their Israeli masters”? And wouldn’t those killed by the evil Americans and Jews count for the “countless rewards in heaven” as much as… Read more »


    Thats because Al Qaeda and the Taliban are expert brainwashers and manipulators.

    They prey on the weak and naive whilst utilizing the death of mayrters and or collateral damage to invoke powerful emotions that temporarily lowers your IQ, making you more prone to rash decisions.


    That sounds like every church and cult that ever existed.


    It does indeed, although usually when religion gets corrupted and stops giving any fucks about actually helping people, the rash decisions the faithful are conned into making are just handing over their cash … as opposed to strapping up and running into anything other than an abortion clinic.


    I think that for a religion to survive as a meme it has to employ tactics like that. Plus constant reinforcement.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Not any different than any other country or organization that convinces their youth to sacrifice their lives for one nebulous cause or another. Your second paragraphs is more or less the job description of every military recruiter. Prior to Nationalism, most countries were at least honest in acknowledging that their soldiers were mercenaries fighting for pay and plunder.


    lets ask all the “End of the world May 21” wackos if they will sign all their ‘worldly possessions’ over to us as of May 22 and watch the looks on their faces..
    They were on the radio this morning.. left jobs, emptied retirement accounts, planned budgets so they ran out of money on 5/21 and some of those idiots have kids.


    the reason there are no Athiests in foxholes is because while religious nutjobs are cowering in holes waiting for their imaginary friend in the sky to come save them, the Athiest knows that the only way he’ll survive is to get out of the hole in the ground and go kill the enemy himself. — Same reason there’s no Athiests on a sinking ship… while the religious types are on their knees praying for help, we’ve already gotten into the lifeboats, and gotten ourselves off the boat that’s sinking.

    lemon floor wax



    Real Christians wouldn’t be in foxholes anyway.


    I think the word religion is clouding the issue somewhat, someone fighting for what they believe in, be it Right, Wrong, God, Apple Pie, The Motherland, their Family or whatever are to be applauded, for they are the ones standing up and being counted for their beliefs. when most of us, including just about everyone on here just sit back and consume the pulp we’re fed on a daily basis whilst sniping from the side lines. Its easy to judge from the comfort of your armchair. Atheists are not braver than those that believe in a god, to say otherwise… Read more »


    Christ on a stick, I never thought I’d meet someone that speaks like he’s some cliche general out of a flag-waving military movie.


    I’m fighting for Apple Pie.


    In which case son, I salute you, just make sure you get seconds.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “someone fighting for what they believe in, be it Right, Wrong, God, Apple Pie, The Motherland, their Family or whatever are to be applauded”
    No. Wrong. That’s the rationalization of the terrorist. Someone who thinks their beliefs make it ok to kill other people is a psycho. Violence is valid in self-defence, but all of those other causes are bullshit.


    Not just self defense, but the defense of all who cannot protect themselves.

    “What makes the world so dangerous isn’t because that there are dangerous people, but rather because there are good people who do nothing.”


    But if there weren’t dangerous people, the good people wouldn’t *have* to do anything…


    Everyone can be dangerous. Good people can start wars with good people.


    I think that you fail to grasp what is being said, one mans Partisan is another Mans terrorist, and history is written by the victors, its all a matter of perspective and no one can say that they are “right”, as you opinion differs from you enemy. If Germany had won the Second World War, you can be 100% sure that the French resistance would have been nothing more than murdering terrorists, rather than the Brave Men and Women fighting against the tyranny of the Nazi’s. What I applaud is the fact that people stand to be counted. Not the… Read more »


    pew pew pew pew pew pew pew


    It’s worth asking how many foxholes were created by non-atheists.

    Daniel Millen

    Who are we to decide there is no God?


    That’s the wrong question.

    “Who are we to decide there *is* a god” <- Fixed it for you.