america after the storms have past

that’s just horrible.

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    Looks like Haiti before the earthquake.

    Luke Magnifico

    This is possibly the worst devastation mankind has faced in the past couple of days.


    Imbeciles build their houses in tornado-ridden areas then whine about the tornadoes.


    Just like those imbeciles that build houses in earthquake areas (just to have them shaken down), or those imbeciles that build houses near bodies of water (then get flooded out), or those imbeciles that live in cities (just to have rioters burn them down), or those imbeciles who build houses in the mountains (just to have a land-slide wipe them out).

    I can’t stand those imbeciles.


    There’re people who build because they don’t have other options, and those who are “so cool”, that they think nothing will happen to them.


    I didn’t know living near the factory, farm or other place where one is employed was “so cool”. I guess they’re imbeciles for not being independently wealthy enough, like us, to live where it is totally safe to do so.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I hope you don’t like on the west coast. AKA fault line. Or are you too cool for earthquakes?

    Or the east coast if you’re too cool for hurricanes.


    wait everywhere has its issues.


    So far 3 imbeciles have built their houses in tornado-ridden areas.


    This is for pearl harbor!!…Wait, what!?

    another Grammar Nazi

    wow.. and no one commented on “America After The Storms have PAST” vs. “America After the Storms have PASSED” which would be correct.. .. we’re too busy flaming the Imbecile who’s ignorant post was pretty much begging to be flamed to start with..


    For god’s sakes, use NO federal gov’t money on rebuilding anything
    in a red state. These people’s rights should NOT be infringed upon
    by the US gov’t. And they certainly don’t want FEMA rounding up
    stragglers into the concentration camps. Let Alabama and Mississippi
    pick themselves up by their own bootstraps, as God intended.
    Also, hopefully they can ignore the snickering entries
    counter-commenting how indeed “karma is a bitch”, regarding all
    the USA yokels who found the tsunami so amusing.