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    So this is the casemod’s household, huh?



    Got Aids Yet?


    How can you tell that they’re gay?

    You seem awfully attuned to what gay men look like…


    They might be in a band!


    Besides, more straight people have AIDS than gay people –


    Is it a larger percentage, or just a larger number because there are more straight people?

    Because I’m sure 100% of gay people have AIDs, except for the hot lesbians.


    I wonder who’s down voting this. Is it the people who think I’m serious, or the people who think I’m not serious?


    It’s all the gay people that’re doing it.


    Hmn, 7 gay people then on M[C]S then, as of this writing.


    africa has plenty of straight people dying of aids

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    That’s a load of shit.


    But go ahead and lie about it. That will help all the next generation of gay people not know the truth and raise the rate of infection even higher.

    Nice job. You must really hate gay people.


    Food for thought:

    This does not mean that gay people have it more, but it may mean that they need to use protection more. I think heterosexuals are more likely to use protection simply because of the unwanted pregnancies that can go along with unprotected sex. But I’m probably just being an asshole.


    No, there’s logic there. In addition, HIV infection is more likely to occur from anal sex because you are far more likely to cause even a minute amount of bleeding, which increases likelihood of transmission. And I don’t think it’s unreasonable to hypothesize that gay males have more anal sex than straight couples.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Globally more straight people have HIV because Africa doesn’t even recognize homosexuality s a preference. They don’t get to be included in any studies.
    In the US more gay people have HIV/AIDS. Of the straight people who have AIDS it hovers between 80 and 90% are inner city Africans and Latinos.

    Heterosexual white males are the most likely to use condoms because we tend to have better parents and cultures. We’re raised better. Look at the states of black kids growing up without fathers. Its fucking nuts. Then they drop out of school when they’re 8 so how the fuck do they know anything about AIDS or sexual education at all?

    Rising AIDS rates is a symptom of a whole other problem nobody wants to deal with. Poor ass nigras dropping babies by the dozen like they’re in a competition.


    Assuming that this is an actual couple, why would anyone have a problem with this? Answer must be constructed without the use of bronze-age “morality”.


    I’m christian and i think that gay sex is a-ok. I think you will see more christians in hell then you will gay guys.

    I mean if two dudes are genuinely in love with eachother then who am i to stop them? I’m sure gay sex is awesome otherwise there wouldn’t be so many guys willing to make the type of horrifying gay pornography that i have stored on my hard-drive. Why would god make something so wicked and evil feel so good? I mean from a purely biological point of view; a prostate orgasm is the most intense orgasm a man can have.

    I guess the only reason you would be against that type of a thing is if you were adhereing to an old scripture of some sort that was written during a time when gay sex wasn’t neccessarily used to show love/lust between two men but to show social or political dominance…bah i must be crazy, after all that verse in timothy says that all divinely inspired word is gods word, even though in the epistles of paul it explicitly states that his word is NOT gods word…

    Christ, i can’t believe some of my fellow christians actually buy into this anti-gay bullshit.


    +1 internet

    You da man! Thank you for your thoughtful, measured response.


    youre a traitor to your faith if you ignore a couple tenets of your religion just to be politically correct


    Komissar says this as he takes a break from sucking giant black cock.


    It’s got to suck being a Christian with morals when you have a bigot god.


    The interesting thing is, Jesus never said a word against gays. Both passages in the Bible against gays were written hundreds of years before Jesus was born.

    Jesus would have been more upset that they trimmed their beards.


    He said none of the old laws should be changed.

    But anyways, there was plenty of things Jesus didn’t say, that a demi-god with superior morals surely would remember. So that’s no real excuse.


    I actually have a lot of Bear Porn on one of my hard-drives. I troll the “boys” threads on 4chan with them. Also it totally disgusts the fundamentalist christians.


    You are the first Christian I know to troll with bear porn.

    *golf clap*


    Doesn’t it bother you that they are more Christian than you are?

    It would bother me if I were a follower of that faith.

    Christopher Bischoff Fincher

    So, what, do you wake up everyday and think “Today I’m going to ‘Christian SO HARD'”? This idea that some believers are “more believing” is what gets our species into trouble. Turn that over in your mind for a bit if you would.

    I have thought about it. I want to be consistent and honest in my thinking.


    Is it just me, or are they super cute together?


    *fap fap fap fap*

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