Obama – anything else I can get you mother fuckers?

yeeeeehaaaaa mother fucker!

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    Let’s see here.

    He’s lowered taxes.
    He’s eased gun restrictions.
    He’s deported illegal aliens at a far higher rate than the previous guy.
    He’s increased Military action against Afghanistan.
    He found Bin Laden.

    The Right Wing media better manufacture another controversy soon or a lot of Republican voters might realize that Obama has a lot of qualities they like.

    Seriously, if he was white and had an R in front of his name he’d be treated like the second coming of Reagan.


    You need to go back to your high school and relearn US government 101. US President does not have power to do any of those tasks you mentioned.

    tiki god

    get your god damn “facts” out of here


    47% of the U.S population in total do not pay taxes after all government taxes and programs are considered. Some even receive money through our ridiculously complicated tax/redistribution system for doing NOTHING. In fact, a single mother with three children making minimum wage has more money to spend at the end of the year than a mother in the same position making 60k a year! It is no wonder we are in a recession, how is there supposed to be recovery when the workers have no incentive to work harder or smarter! Benjamin Franklin once said “When the people find… Read more »


    Oh also, everyone needs to give Obama credit where credit is due. I’m proud that he threw the “rules of engagement” out the window and killed that SOB.

    One more thing, 47% of the people don’t pay taxes and about 47 of the people support Obama. Coincidence? Probably, but you never know. 😉


    IF the rules of engangment had to be “thrown out” for him, they should have never been in place at all. All they do his hamper the effort.


    You need to go back to your high school and relearn US government 101. Without the US president none of those things can be done.

    Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t detail the entire legislative process in my post, you nitpicking pedantic douche.


    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Learn to use a comma if you ever want to be taken at all seriously by anyone other than your mother who you obviously still live with.


    You’re one to talk, clown.

    And my comma use is fine.

    No it’s akin to that of a 10th grade C student.

    You are a retard and are too retarded to see you’re a retard.

    I’m one to talk “clown”? Why is it when I point out your grammar sucks more dick than you in a kindergarten class you then start correcting your usage while claiming it was never wrong.

    Nobody cares. Don’t answer.


    How specifically did I use a comma wrong, clown?

    This should be good.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    He needs to be reborn not retarded first.


    I’ve pretty much convinced myself that you’re a troll, just so you know.

    If you actually believe what you say, I wouldn’t respond to you. You show several signs of mental illness, to be honest. I don’t believe picking at someone with problems would be ethical.

    However several of your statements betray a sort of self-awareness. I could be wrong, but I think that indicates that you aren’t really serious about what you say.


    Funny how that argument only applies when pointing out the good things done during a Democratic president’s term…


    …and ONLY the good things. When it’s something bad that’s happened, that same argument goes right out the window. Fucking hypocrites.


    “Seriously, if he was white and had an R in front of his name he’d be treated like the second coming of Reagan.”



    It’s still a funny pix though.


    “Here’s Osama bin Laden”?? Where? At the bottom of the see, how convenient.


    Yes, actually, it is quite convenient. Convenient so that the nut-shits that followed him and now see him as a martyr don’t have a grave to make into a “holy shrine”. Convenient in that it shows the people from that region that may have been on the fence about us that we have the decency to respect his religion’s traditions rather than acting like a bunch of petty bullies for once. Burying him at sea was a fantastic strategic and diplomatic move. Those nutshits who are making a fuss over it wouldn’t be satisfied if we hauled his goddamned corpse… Read more »


    Convenience is him being up for re-election next year.

    Wow he presented his birth certificate.

    Then he said ‘ya go ahead’ to a team initially in country thanks to George Bush.

    How about he can go ahead and get the fuck out of Washington?


    Citation needed.


    Understand Bush was confused while in office and was retarded and went for Sadam, so now because of that we are spending money rebuilding the place, yea go Bush, you did a great job.

    Obama, you clean up nice.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You sound like you’ve…never been anywhere near a school book.

    dude you started a fight with casemods, you fucking idiot

    I thought it was someone else.


    How about that, a brand new birth certificate for a 50 plus year old half honky. Neat trick. Erick Holder got that one made up by one of his gun running Mexicali buddies.