atheist do not fly planes into buildings

atheist do not fly planes into buildings

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    Because religion is the only motivation that exists behind poor impoverished people wanting to strike out against their wealthier counterparts and supposed political oppressors.

    Thank god, i thought i was going to have to take personal responsibility for all this murderin i’ve been doin lately. YES OFFICER I KILLED THAT BABY WITH A PEPSI BOTTLE BECAUSE GOD SAID SO.


    I await the coming atheist vs. theist shit storm.

    Pardon me while I make some popcorn.

    The bottom line is you can cherry pick actions from people of a specific belief to make them look terrible, or the opposite.

    Granted, some belief systems are outright bad. I don’t see a lot of benevolent Nazis walking around. Hah, Godwinned.

    But the point is, criticism is one thing. But trying to pigeonhole one group and pretend the other is flawless just leads to hypocrisy.



    I’ve known some really awesome christians and some really shitty ones. Same goes with atheists. For example an awesome atheist would be Carl Sagan whereas a shitty one would be Stalin. On the Christian/theist side you have George Lemaitre (the guy who proposed the first incarnation of the big bang theory) and his counterpart would be Fred Phelps.


    LOL WUT?


    Or we could just take the actions of the best known/respected Christian apologists to point out how corrupting a belief is.

    William Lane Craig, for example, defends genocide and the murdering of children.

    He’s up there with the hack CS Lewis, at least that’s what many Christians think.

    Shooting down Jesus and god is not enough!


    Ok? Your point? Do you expect me to believe that a lack of religion somehow magically makes people smarter? Did you ever stop to think that maybe the reason these people are less smart is because they do not have the same access to proper education? That said there is not a staggering difference between the most religious state and the least religious state as far as intelligence goes. There is a 7% difference (if my godawful math is correct that is, feel free to correct me) at the most. But hey if you want to use graphs that adhere… Read more »


    Perhaps his point is that if you’re uneducated and stupid, you’re more likely to become/stay religious? That seems likely to me.

    Who knows!


    Apart from the fact that 99% of historical figures (the people that gave us the sciences, the leaders that liberated us) were/are all religious.

    So – the greatest minds of human history were

    “uneducated and stupid”

    What did you ever achieve by the way?


    I bet all of those historical figures would understand me when I make statements including the words “more likely”.

    I appreciate that you’re trying so hard, even though I sometimes wince when I see your comments.


    Logic fail – the concept that uneducated people tend to be religious does not infer that all religious people are uneducated or stupid.

    Also, a person’s personal level of achievement does not determine if they are right or wrong at any time. A complete failure can still be right.

    You have proved yourself to be incapable of clear thought – your ideas have become suspect.


    “99 percent of statistics are made up”


    Fool, it’s 77% that are made up. Seriously. Also, if you’re going to make up statistics, people are 67% more likely to believe a statistic that ends in a 3 or 7.


    What if your religion worships collapsing buildings? What happened to religious freedom!!!!


    My religion involves the fanatical devotion to transsexual South American prostitutes.


    Atheists already won this argument.

    Now we’re just waiting for the religious folk to get it.


    Thats all it is to you atheists , an argument.

    The religious folk are just waiting for you to learn how to learn.



    About religion? Did you miss that survey saying that atheists know more about that too?

    You just can’t win, even when you’re just saying things to be saying them.


    A survey says atheists know more about religion than religious people?

    Do you know how ridiculous you sound?

    You really are fucking dumb.

    Here we have a prime example of the Dunning–Kruger effect in action. Please take notes children there will be a test later.


    I guess referring to research sounds ridiculous and dumb to some, but I can live with their disapproval.

    Here is a link for you:


    No seriously. It’s true. Also Mormons. Derf. They have their own book and they and atheists, on average, were found to have more knowledge of religious texts and such.


    How very observant.

    However, it is the atheists fault for being atheists that the religious types flew the planes into the buildings in the first place. So they are responsible. Indirectly.


    Someone should send you to troll school.

    That was pretty weak.


    I bet you’re a virgin


    Well, at least you didn’t say “ur gay”.

    That would have really hurt.


    Something wrong with virgins?

    Jesus was never married, and as a strict follower of Hebrew law therefore must have died a virgin. or a sinner.

    Are you implying that the teachings of Jesus are valueless because he was a virgin?

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