liberal vs republican

liberal vs republican

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    Not a big fan of “if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it” mentality.

    If you want a better future than what it is now, then do something about it.


    Someone show this idiot what Donald Trump have been saying the past few weeks.


    The first is absolutely false, the more education you have, the more liberal you’re liable to be. The second is also false, since Faux News can’t seem to get any of their lies straight. As far as hard working, oh yes, those bankers getting multiple millions per year for doing nothing but sit on their ass and watch as the money goes every which way through their hands, yeah, if you can call that work.

    Conservatives actually have a hard time understanding that it actually is broke. It’s been broke since we elected Shrub.


    Be careful there, your ignorance is showing.


    Jesus was a liberal. In fact, according to the lifestyle described in the Acts of the Apostles he was probably a Socialist. The Apostles all lived in a commune and shared all their goods and income with each other based on need not by ownership. He was also anti war, anti establishment and pro social welfare. The Roman State wasn’t “broke” but he certainly tried to fix it.

    He was also the Son of God.

    Republicans are therefore the agents of Satan.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I’ll stay on the side with the hot, record story chick. You can go hang out with your used car salesman buddy. I ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands, which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.


    The irony in this is hilarious.


    The only Republican that fits that description is Christopher Hitchens.


    If liberals are uneducated, what are Conservatives always calling colleges and universities “hotbeds of liberalism”?


    … because every time you see on TV, some college kid making an ass of himself, protesting about something that he clearly does not understand; it was his LIBERAL college professor that filled him with misinformation.


    Republican professor: school shooting.

    inbefore libfag butthurt tears…

    damn…not inbefore.

    Continue showing us all how smart you are. lol


    Love the “belittles others” bit on a picture belittling people.


    I think whoever wrote this got the lists backwards.

    Christopher Bischoff Fincher

    Pretty much: THIS.


    Neither of these people are engineers.

    If it’s not broken, break it and make it better!


    Why does he want to shake your hand with his left?


    It’s that guy! I’ve been seeing his mug all over the internet lately. He must have the best stock photo model face or something. Tech support guy my ass.


    As a person who engages in political debates whenever I can; work, socializing, blog/internet, etc, as well as subscribing to many different news sources (radio, tv, rss, etc), I would have to say there is maybe 80% truth to this. From my experiences anyway.


    As a person, working in the print news media for over 20 years abroad. I’ve covered political issues in America for years, had the privileged of seeing most elections campaigns up centre and close-up and have met most major candidates. From a neutral standpoint nothing could be more opposite when it comes to Democrats and Republicans. I will state unequivocally that whomever put this piece of garbage together is either very delusional or living with his head up his own arse. I have no stakes to win for being for either American party, in the UK I’m registered and usually… Read more »


    The Tea Party called. It turns out you’re not conservative enough.


    This is hilarious!!! This troll is a winner!

    I very much disagree with this poster but had to laugh at it anyway. I’m a liberal, sort of…but not the idiot kind you see demonstrated on the left of the photo.


    The girl in the picture is Bob Geldof’s daughter, Peaches. Apparently liberals are also British.