liberal vs conservative 1

liberal vs conservative 1

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    So, when you put this side by side with the rest of the posts of this theme for the day, we learn that… every group, be it political, ethnic, religious, etc, has pretty much the same bell curve of idiocy spouting moron to successful, educated realist and all things inbetween?

    Once that realization gets out, what will we make stupid fucking pictures about to fill My Confined Spac- orite, Casemods. NOBODY PANIC. WE HAVE A PLAN B.


    Oh god. I was NOT going to panic, but now I AM.

    Damn you.


    You forgot that liberals generally have a sense of humor where republicans don’t.


    Don’t be silly – Donald Trump is a Republican front runner, if that isn’t humor I don’t know what is.

    what do you know I am liberal
    LEGALIZE WEED!!!!!!!1


    The way I see it, if you label yourself with either group you fail.
    Whatever happened to being balanced, sensible and reasonable ?
    Most of my views span the bridge between left and right.
    Maybe if more people realized that partisan politics is what’s wrong with our
    countries we could get some things done instead of just feeding the rich.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I realize that some people’s belief don’t fit nicely into either category, but there’s nothing wrong with an label if its accurate. And ff by a Liberal, they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind… Someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions… Someone who cares about the welfare of the people—their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, their civil liberties…Someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and the suspicion that grips us… If that is what they mean by a Liberal… Then I am proud to say I am a Liberal.


    Yes but understand that Label are put upon us.
    Just because we think we belong to group A doesn’t mean the callers out will think the same. Just as the term “Progressive” is used in both positive and negative ways, all depending on intent. We should never label since when we do we risk losing all meaning, or do you really wish to support everything some say Liberals support as well ? Anyways, you get it.


    Oh and the correct label should be
    Left Pane – “has gone to college and beyond”
    Right Pane – “highest education High school”

    It’s all about education, everything !


    That’s pretty much how life is –


    I know, hard to resist these trolls, I’m getting too old I guess.

    Robert Spam

    And travel! Don’t forget travel!


    These stupid political posts need to stop. Its MMMMMMMMUUUUURRRRRRRIIIIICCCCCCCAAAAAAA day.

    More pictures making fun of Osama

    Sam White

    I am a democrate and I dont really see a need for more education and I really dont see a need to reposition my thoughts and stuff.
    I for one am glad that obama is in office so I can have heath care and and more unemployment money. I watched family guy the other day and it was really funny. So much more funny than the daily show!
    I am glad there are conservitives to make us look smart! Am I right?
    4 more years of my main man O’bama!

    Sam White

    Im not too sure about the troll thing but I like Ice Cream and I think that is a big difference between us Libs and you republicans.

    I was also thinking that the Presidant is really smart to have killed Osama and he probably did it to make Bush mad. We hated presidant bush very bad.


    Still obvious troll is still obvious, bordering on moronic

    Besides – if liberals are all uneducated, why is the Conservative media always referring to Universities as “hotbeds of liberalism”?


    If I read the trolls right, it’s not the students they refer to but those lefty hippy profs…..


    So far all i have gathered from these types of posts is that both sides are loaded with childish douchebags who need to resort to petty character assassinations in lieu of a well thought out explanation on why they chose one political philosophy over another.

    Also, democrats are assholes.


    probably already been said, but these things disgust me. whoever believes this, or any of its variants (whatever the bias) is ridiculously close-minded


    I’m pretty sure this would have been a more valid argument if it wasn’t headed with “Liberals are pretty and Conservatives aren’t”.

    Andy Rondeau

    Having read them both, it’s clear the other one is way more accurate.