p22 vs mega gun

p22 vs mega gun

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    Mmm gotta love that 500.


    “Never use a cannon to kill a mosquito.”
    P22 works nicely.


    Someone is overcompensating much…


    There is no such thing as overkill. If it’s worth killing, it’s worth killing a whole lot.


    the nasty thing with the 22 is once it enters the skull, it just kinda tumbles and bounces around inside without exiting. It’ll scramble a brain up something wicked. Also, my P22 (it IS a walther) fits in my boot. Some of these smaller firearms have trouble cycling rounds due to using .22 LR, so for those of you that have such guns I recommend using “CCI Mini Mag” ammunition. The powder burns cleaner and ya get more velocity from the slug.


    I’m not seeing the problem with the round bouncing about inside the skull.


    If the skull’s your own, you probably wouldn’t.


    I would MUCH rather shoot my P22 to that over the top monster. I know I can hit exactly what I am pointing at quite effectively with the P22 every single time.


    their having to make a 500 special now because of so many people saying they can’t hold onto the gun. anyways one big hole or a dozen little hole still leaves something just as dead.


    not if you’re shooting at a bear.


    I have the Sig Mosquito with the Gemtech Outback 2 on it and sometimes I shoot in my pool just because I can. Sweet pistols though

    Now can we all at least agree the silencer on the P22 will not make it sound like a fart but in fact sounds the same but disperses the noise so direction can’t be ascertained?