the original auto-tuner

the original auto-tuner

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    At first I didn’t get this, but then I thought, didn’t Magibon sing into a ventilator once? I found it and I think she sings into a radiator or a square ventilator and then into a wooden lamb or cat,, and then I thought, why do I remember this but not when my grandmother’s birthday is. This poses concerning questions, what is wrong with me and why is there such an awful thing as auto tune.

    Luke Magnifico

    I find that a lot of music these days sounds like a cup of tea that has been reheated in the microwave tastes.


    And instead of real sugar they use artificial sweetener without asking if you wanted any, and before they serve you the tea they trip and spill some of it onto your shoes where it seeps through to your socks. Then they ask you to pay for it.

    Luke Magnifico

    I wear proper shoes, so that’s not an issue for me.

    I wasn’t speaking in a figurative sense, there’s a certain vague, tinny, almost metallic but not quite, sharp edged, brittle, not pervasive enough to be classed as unpleasant but on that side of the pleasantness balance, soulless incorrectness that is present in both of them in a small enough amount that it’s barely even there, but it IS there and that’s all that counts.

    And I never pay for tea, that’s like paying for sex, it cheapens the whole experience.


    Well, unlike you, I live in a country where the summers are hot and the people sweaty. Anything that can’t melt off you will only make you look uncomfortable. An uncomfortable looking man in proper shoes is still an uncomfortable looking man. However, I was being completely figurative, I have never tasted microwaved tea or paid for sex so I shall comment on neither. I do serve coffee for a living though, hence why being served in such a manner is enough of an insult to me to compare to the music of today. Bad servants make people unhappy, unhappy… Read more »


    The effect talking into a fan has is more like the transition effects used in electronic music.


    Banging your chest is.

    I’ll collect my apologies from the OP now.

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